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3. selectOneRadio with layout spread in 1.7.2

Have you found out anything on this? I am having the same problem. I am using a partial submit when a radio button is selected. The radio buttons all function from the standpoint of it is setting the backing bean correctly, but after the partial submit the radio buttons becomes deselected. It is also not selected upon original page rendering. I ...

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6. selectOneRadio w/ spread issues

7. 1.7.2SP1 selectoneRadio and selectManyCheckboxes problems

Since version 1.7.2SP1 we have new bugs with selectManyCheckbox and selectOneRadio components. As we use them in pretty specific situations I had to write some test case code to show where is the problem and how we use icefaces in that particular case. You should find what I mean in attached videos. Our main issue is to recover previously saved states ...

8. Update an ice:dataTable with ice:Column and ice:selectOneRadio

Hello i got a problem with my application, i am using a dataTable to show some information from the DB which changes when i click between the topics TECNOLOGIA, COMPLEJIDAD, etc. In each column of my dataTable i have a selectOneRadio which i would like it to refresh each time i select one option of the selectOneRadio but it dosen't and ...

9. SelectOneRadio layout

10. SelectOneRadio Color

14. selectOneRadio and readonly

15. selectoneradio too wide!

Hi....this is a very simple problem. I have tried a few things to fix it but none have worked. Should only take a minute to fix yet i have spent an hour. lol. Any help will be appreciated. Ok so I have a selectoneradio tab in my icefaces page. It renders just fine except it is so damn wide. It takes ...

17. I need help with ice:selectOneRadio

20. Render selectOneRadio without enclosing table?

Okay, so I'm dumb, but I have an excuse. Using layout="spread" suppresses outputting a table. You can then use tags with the for property referencing the id of the selectOneRadio tag to place the related radio buttons in any arbitrary location on the page. This is clearly documented - well, nowhere. There's a short sentence in the javadoc that makes ...

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25. SelectOneRadio with Images

26. selectOneRadio Layout css

I am using a the selectOneRadio component. When the label text is long it wraps and aligns with the radiobutton. I would like the label text to align on the left. I am using layout="pageDirection". so it looks like +------ -------- I want it to look like +----- _------ Is there a some simple css or something I can add to ...

27. selectOneRadio and enabledClass

30. manage select items

Hi All, i am developing an application which has a several number of radio buttons in one single panel. And as guessed, any one could be selected at the moment. I have created them with SelectItem list in backing bean and rendered them with tag. But now i want only 4 to be displayed in one row. and rest 4 ...

32. How to use SelectOneRadio?

Hi... I'm new to ICEfaces and I have problems using SelectOneRadio and similar components in netbeans visual web designer I have tried to create a string property and bind it to selectoneradio but no luck to work.I've looked at the component showcase but the example was unclear would you please Show me how to use it? Thanks Feras

33. How to use SelectOneRadio?

35. selectOneRadio lost value

alright, thats fine. So just to be sure I'm getting you. You have some select one radio buttons, where are these located? Are they in your panel or somewhere else in the page? Also, where is this is confirmed value being set. It would probably be helpful if you posted the code where the radio buttons are. Its hard to see ...

40. Vertical SelectOneRadio?

43. dataTable and selectOneRadio

Hi all, is there any possibility to use radio buttons in icefaces DataTable like in every row of table will be one radiobutton and user can then choose between them ? I know, that there are other possibilities then radio buttons how to implement this feature, but I want the radios... Does anyone know how to do this ? thanks a ...

44. selectOneRadio problem in datatable

46. SelectOneRadio in dataTable

47. SelectOneRadio in dataTable

Hi, I have created dataTable with selectOneRadio. the code is as follows in jspx jspx code: Its working fine. But i ...

49. SelectOneRadio layout in 1.7DR#3

50. selectOneRadio

51. SelectOneRadio in Netbeans newbie question

Hi, the problem when using visual design tools often is that a lot of unnecessary code is generated that you wouldn't normally use in an application. So, it's always a good idea to review the code in the end. Usually there's no need for a component binding and a value binding at the same time. So, if you remove the two ...

52. Help needed in SelectOneRadio +dataTable

i am using the datatable in my Xhtml as below In Bean i have declared memberValue as boolean and memberLsit as list. However when i execute this, i got ...

53. selectOneRadio with tree in icefaces 1.7

Yes. There is a new value for the layout attribute of : "spread". When the layout is "spread", you can use to distribute the radio buttons anywhere you want on the page. Example (not tested): ...... ...... See the TLD doc for more attribute details.

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56. SelectOneRadio

57. ice:selectOneRadio, alignment

59. selectOneRadio focus/click partial submit problem

I have an ice:form and inside that an ice:selectOneRadio with a bunch of f:selectItems inside it. I have partialSubmit="true" and required="true" on the selectOneRadio. If I click to the right of one of the radio buttons, e.g. on that option's label, the component submits and I get my validation error because required is true. Is this expected behaviour? The user hasn't ...

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66. selectOneRadio without label but with icon

Hello, I need a selectOneRadio that does not render a label but an icon. Is there a possibility to stop the rendering of the label? I have not found a way to achive this till now, because if the label is empty the value gets rendered. I hope somebody has an idea.

67. Problem with two ice:selectOneRadio in same page

I have a problem with getting two ice:selectOneRadio components working in the same page. Though I have two different valueChangeListeners configured, only the first ever gets called. The screen looks correct, but when I select a radio button in the second group, all that I get is a call to the first valueChangeListener with an event selecting the current value in ...