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2. My selectionListener can not work

3. Timing of ActionListener (of commandButton) and selectionListener (of RowSelector)

I have a dataTable which has, on each row, several plain data fields, and a couple of commandButtons. I can set up methods in the backing bean which pick up on the ActionListener (of the commandButton) and selectionListener (of the RowSelector). My problem is timing. I followed the RowSelector tutorial to the "T". The dataTable, likewise, is pretty straightforward. Currently, the ...

14. Row selector selectionListener gets fired everytime

I have a tree navigation on the left panel, a search bar on the top panel and a datatable on the bottom panel.My datatable is dynamically built with Rowselector.My problem is after the first row selection, whereever I click like to expand the node in the tree or perform a search, row selector selection listener method is getting fired everytime.Any idea ...

15. RowSelector and selectionListener Event

This is a tricky one. In 1.7.0 there was a new rowSelector attribute toggleOnInput which will give you a little more granularity in your actions. However order will still be a problem. Alternatively you could use a on the commandLink to bass in a name/value pair which could be used to retrieved the desired state.