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2. User Session Expired

Hello, The session timeout parameter is set in the web.xml. There are also other async. connection config. parameters you can look at, check the ICEfaces Developer's Guide for details. Unfortunately, the actual text in the error dialog is hard-coded into the bridge JavaScript. You would need to modify the "/bridge/src/status.js" file to change it at this time. We've created a JIRA ...

5. Session expires quickly

I am involved in a small open source project that is developing a streaming video application for the iphone, we plan to use dns-sd (bonjoir) to discover servers and a jsf/icefaces application executing from a webkit browser on the phone. The Prototype seems to work thus far, it uses standard icefaces and custom components. We decided on icefaces over our other ...

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10. Session expiry problems with 1.7.1

Hi, I'm new to icefaces and have just added it to our project (version 1.7.1) for all new development as for existing functionality we are using struts. The first page I've created is using facelets and contains a few simple controls e.g. ice:selectOneMenu and ice:commandButton. When I deploy our project to glassfish from netbeans and navigate to the page it displays ...

13. user session expired

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