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1. Ajax style loading with IceFaces

I have a page on which I show a list of objects which are loaded from a webservice. This may take a while. Now I'd like to do it the Ajax way ...

2. CSS style sometimes only applied after a page refresh on a jsf page?

I've been struggeling a while with a strange bug in our application and wasn't able to find solution, even on google and stackoverflow i found nothing matching my problem. First, a short summary ...

4. Datatable cell styles

5. changing style

6. SelectInputDate Input Text Style

I solved this by creating a CSS style with the string "Input" on the end: .yellowInput { background-color: yellow; } then in my Java code I used setStyleClass("yellow"); This is a little dangerous because it relies on an internal naming convention, but there is no other way (that I can see) exposed through the API. View source, you'll see it. If ...

8. CSS Style Guide Sugestion

14. Changing datable row style

16. Howto change predefined styles

I would like to change some predefined styles. For example the background of a Datapaginator. I found the correct Entries in the predefined CSS-File. But copying these and changing them is an inappropriate way to do it because I would miss some changes in updates and have problems to hange the Themes. So how I can do such things? Thanks in ...

17. Import Style

19. Setting the disabled style on ice:inputText

Hi I am having trouble with setting the disabled style on an inputText. In my xhtml file I have: (slightly simplified, but you get the idea) In my css file I have: .inputTextFull { width: 450px; font-size: 8pt; } .inputTextFull-dis { ...

20. Styles for dataTable columns and rowSelector do not work simultaneously

Problem, that you describe exist, cause all, what you see in table styled by different classes for one HTML element. So, if you want apply both color from rowSelector style/css and from table column/row, don't forget, that only one color style applied (last occured). So, rowSelector classes applied after table row classes; and rowSelector style override styles defined in table row ...

21. ice:selectInputDate style

22. Setting style attributes on SelectInputDate

After thinking further about this, I suspect that the problem is that while the component in the component tree and the text box in the page have the same name, they're not the same thing. The component in the tree is a single object, but when it's rendered on the page, it gets rendered as a div with a text box ...

24. Persistent servlet with facelets not rendering style position: fixed in IE7

A simple facelet positions a div with positon: fixed correctly with JSF-RI in both Firefox and IE7. When using persistent servlet, Firefox positions correctly, but IE7 just positions relative, not fixed. How can we force Persistent Servlet (with D2DFaceletViewHandler) to tell IE to use standards-compliant or whatever mode works to handle the sytle for position: fixed correctly? Here simple xhtml for ...

25. tabed paneset no style applied

26. Style css diferent from netbeans IDE

Hi, i am a newbie at icefaces. I am trying to use icefaces to build some examples and unfortunately always the style of a component inside the canvas of netbeans using visual pack differs from the deploy/test. How can i set the same style css for both deploy and inside the canvas of netbeans? i already change by hand on the ...

27. change component style

29. ice:rowSelector style issue for odd/even rows

Hi, I'm trying to use ice:rowSelector component in a data table. This table has two different CSS classes for odd and even rows (iceDatTblRow1 and iceDatTblRow2 by default). I didn't find how to get two different classes when a row is selected or when the mouse is over a row. It seems that the row selector provide only one CSS class. ...

30. Chance the Style to the Inputtext of the SelectInputDate

Hi friends. I'm using a SelectInputDate, it has an inputText, a button and a calendar; When I apply some style to the inputText, it is shown in the calendar popup and not at the inputText, but I want to change the style to the Inputtext too. Please, help me whit this topic. Thanks

31. How to overwrite icePnlTbSetHdrIconLft style class?

Hello! I use ice:panelTab and its attribute 'icon': And resulting html will contain: But I have a problem with this icon! In resulting html there will style class icePnlTbSetHdrIconLft appear. And it has width: 20px; and heght:20px; properties. But this is incorrect sizes for my icon! How can I save my icons normal size? ...

32. How to determine active style sheet

33. Styles does not seem to work in 1.8.2

34. Simple style question

36. iceSelOneMnu style

37. ice:columns has no style attribute

Hi, I'd like to create a table. The first columns are fixed, so I can use ice:column for them. The last columns are created based on contents of a database. So, I use ice:columns for them. The problem I run into is that I cannot apply a style to the dynamically generated columns. ice:columns does not have a style attribute. ice:column ...

38. Styles for dataTable columns and rowSelector -> columnClasses doesn't work

Hello, I have a problem with my dataTable element in my page. Everything works fine without the rowSelector element. The columnClasses Attribute is applied correctly and the styles are on their places. But now I had to add a rowSelector element to the columns element in the database and now, the columnClasses attribute isn't applied correctly. For Example a cell which ...

41. rowSelector strange style behavior

I'm using the ice:dataTable with a rowSelector and I'm getting the following behaviour: - when I start a new browser session for my application the table will display with alternate row colours, lite gray and white as expected. When I hover the mouse over the rows, the background of the row becomes green, again as expected. However when I click on ...


44. Remove default icefaces style

Hi afterbit! One way is to override the IceFaces style within the component declaration using the inline style attribute. The other way (in 1.8.2) is to leave out the IceFaces stylesheet declaration and implement your own stylesheet. You can find the CSS classes rendered by the components in the TLD. Or you could mix it calling your stylesheet after the IceFaces ...

46. XP Style and Advanced Components

47. selectInputDate style override

48. easy question for style sheets

I am trying to learn icefaces using the drag and drop tutorial, using Netbeans as my compiler. I generate a new Web project with Icefaces and server pages and I get a skeleton application which I have developed to do something similar to the drag and drop example. Of course I couldn't get all the hover effects and wondered why not. ...

52. multiple styles on same component type on the same page

I don't get it. Can you be a bit more specific? (and I'll also try ;) For panelCollapsible, I've found lots of stuff in rime.css which I want to overwrite like: .icePnlClpsblHdr-dis { background: #FFF url( './css-images/table_col_header_dis.gif' ) repeat-x top left; } .icePnlClpsblHdr .iceCmdLnk, .icePnlClpsblColpsdHdr .iceCmdLnk { padding-left: 22px; } .icePnlClpsblHdr .icePnlGrp a, .icePnlClpsblHdr-dis .icePnlGrp a { font-weight: bold; } And ...

53. Changing Style from Managed Bean?

Ok, so I have a little something like this: This shows a color picker (as I mentioned in another post) and stores the value in a hidden field. That hidden field's ValueChangeListener is then called. Works like a champ. Now, from the ValueChangeListener, I am able to ...

54. ice:form style not working correctly

55. style class not working

56. Setting styles from a backing bean

57. How to read/set dynamic style values from components

Hi, I need to read and set the value of a syle (i.e width) that changes over time (i.e. because of effects) and want to know the best way to accomplish this with ICEFaces. I am currently using the component getStyle and setStyle methods but this leads me to parsing the style String manualy. Any ideas will be wellcome.

59. including old style JSP's into IceFaces pages

Hello the developer guide of the IceFaces doc describse in chapter 3 "Integrating ICEFaces With Existing Applications" how one can include ICEFaces pages into standard jsp pages using the tag. This is working without any problems for me. Im currently facing the task to integrate the other way around: including ordinary non xhtml/jspx conform jsp pages into ICEFaces pages. Unfortunately ...

60. CSS style not applied when click

Thanks man, but I tried that too. Still the same.I found that if i put test.jspx in root web folder, css gets applied on url request, but when i put it in let's say (root_web_folder/upload/) css doesn't applie( note :both of IceFaces style and my own defined style doesn't applie). Any other tip for this problem ?? The only strange thing ...

61. Style in dataTable

62. Apply style to invidual cell in a dataTable

I have a requirement that some cells in a dataTable will have different background colors. I was able to do this using the tomahawk column component and applying the style attribute. The icefaces column component does not have a style attribute so I cannot do that. Does anyone have a suggestion? Possibly I am missing something elementary.

64. dataTable columns styles

66. Build 1.6 #DR5 : component showcase example: can't find style classes

Hi all, Since I am new to ICEfaces, I am trying to learn by running the component-showcase example in my environment. I can't find "accordionNavigation" and "accordionContent" styleclasses anywhere in the .css files. Refer to the following code in accordionPanel.jspx. =================== ================== Please let me know if you can find them.

67. Panel Tab Style problem IE6, 7 bug

Hi I have been customising the panel Tab component and am getting an error one which is related to the style(snapshot attached) i think its a bug with icefaces as it works perfectly fine with mozilla but not with ie 6, 7. also am attaching my stylesheet code Code: .mypanels{ border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-top-width: 0px; height: 0px; margin-bottom: ...

68. Setting the style of an ice:tree

69. CSS style for selected tree node

70. dataTable - Row Styles

71. Different Styles per Column using ice:columns

I have found that using columnStyles and ice:columns together does not work. I have also found some posts here that suggest this to be true. So...any suggestions for having different styles per column while using ice:columns? The problem here is that the number of columns isn't known until runtime, so I even went so far as generating what columnStyles uses dynamically ...

73. DataTable : style error ?

74. Style on components of a dataTable

75. datatable Style configuration

76. Custom style is (partially) ignored

77. Bug - Style for selected row in dataTable

Hello everybody, i think i've found a bug in dataTable-component. The situation: There is a dataTable with selectBooleanCheckbox-Components at first column to select a row. At the header of the first column there is a selectBooleanCheckbox-component to select all rows (see table.gif). The row selection works in combination with a rowselector-component, which sets such as the styles for selected rows. The ...

79. Style For Inactive Buttons

80. Ice faces default styles

81. selectOneMenu: changing styles

Hello, Im using ICEfaces 1.6.1 and I'm trying to change the look&feel of the selectOneMenu without creating custom components. I've changed the according styles and added some new ones (.iceSelOneMnu, .iceSelOneMenu option, .iceSelOneMnu option hover), now it looks already quite similiar to what it should. But some things just do not work out or I don't know how to: 1. When ...

82. ice:selectInputDate style issue

IE6 - ICEfaces 1.7dr2 - support #6776 I have some styles defined for a selectInputDate, which includes something like the following: .BaseClassNameForSelectInputDateInput { font-style: italic; color: blue; } .BaseClassNameForSelectInputDateInput-dis { font-style: italic; color: red; } When the selectInputDate is enabled, the font in the text field is italic and blue. Yet when it is disabled the font is italic and gray, ...

83. dataTable - row styles

85. No style ice:dataTable

86. How to add CSS style sheet in ?

89. Problems with styles

Hi I am facing a strange problem with ice columns. Actually i tried to display the group of check boxes category wise. So i used the to group of check boxes. I am able to populate the checkbox group properly , but once the page is loaded with the groups of checkboxes , suddenly all the checkboxes lables are disappearing ...

90. Why does icefaces use hard coded style elements ?

We have a problem re-sizing the columns of a table, as Firefox and Internetexplorer (6 &7) show different behaviour when trying to override the hard coded default values. So why does TableRenderer in package com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.renderkit; set hard coded css styles ? if (isScrollable(uiComponent)) { width = "150px"; It would easy usage, if no hard coded css-styles defaults would be provided. Nevertheless, ...

91. Dynamic assignment a css style for a datatable's row based on the row's content.

@wjack: we do it the same way ansel1 mentioned. @ansel1: are you able to add a proper background for tables? When we tried that only part of the background was painted as we wanted, an inside part that was included in a ICEFaces generated part which we couldn't paint... In the end we agreed to change text color instead.

92. panelPopup with style attribute can't be made invisible

When using an ice:panelPopup, the visible attribute doesn't work if you also have the style attribute set. Setting visible="false" will not do as expected; rather, the popup will be visible. Obviously the visible attribute is setting the rendered style as "display: none", but style is setting it to something else which overrides it. It seems to me that the code needs ...

95. Problem with styles

Hi. I have modified the themes to use differents fonts. Ill explain what I did and my problem. First in I have added 3 new styles ( they are really 3 copies of the rime style). private final String BIG = "big"; private final String NORMAL = "normal"; private final String SMALL = "small"; /** * Creates a new instance ...

96. styles doesn't applied

Sorry to ask another time, but I need a quick response, I just begun to continue an existing project and I need a response and I've a delivery to respect at the end of this month Can the problem came from the web.xml file where the css files are not declared (extension to get it) like with tomahawk ?

98. ICEfaces style cache disable