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8. submit inputFile when user click on save button...

Well, my page is like bellow ________________________________________ Name [_____________] Picture [_____________] [search] [upload] [Save] ________________________________________ I want let user just click on [save] and without click on [upload] ... First : User will fill the Name and Choose a picture [search] Secodn : User will click on [save] Third : The application must, save the name and filepath. [just using {save}] ...

9. Validation not fired with partial submit on each field

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13. How to submit one form from another form?

Hi, I have two forms on my page. The first form contains 3 text fields and a Data Table and the second forms contains some text fields which are populated when I select a row from the Data Table in the first form and some buttons which are used to perform functions like resetting the text fields in the second form ...

14. How to switch off validation's phase during submit and simultaneously save user's input data?

I have a form with several input fields. Some fields get their values from references. To realize such functionality I placed submit buttons near the corresponding fields. When I press on such button I want to submit already entered user' data and skip validation's phase simultaneously because I only want to show a page with reference for user where he can ...

16. SelectInputDate not validating on form submit

This is in regard to a previous topic; I have a form with two selectInputDate's. The first selectInputDate is a "from date" and the second selectInputDate is a "untill date". So, the "untill date" may never be, before the "from date". So make this work, I have a (custom) validator which is placed on the first selectInputDate. As an attribute ...

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