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I want to show a List using ICEFaces, and I want to output it like:
TAG1, TAG2, TAG3. But without using , or <% for (...) ...

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I have a custom XHTML tag redefining ice:inputText. I need to map the converter attribute into it. Adding converter="#{converter}" to the tag, inside the inputText, seems not to have the right effect. When I ...

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I have the need to implement an ice:commandButton that passes a list to its backing bean. I'm not in a portlet scope, but in a tag scope. I know that when I ...

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cgswtsu78 Joined: 02/08/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 9 Offline Hello, Has anyone successfully used the f:actionlistener tag to chain actionListener calls? I'm able to get the f:actionlistener tag to execute multiple managed bean's processAction methods, but within those methods the bean's properties are null eventhough I've just submitted a value. This has been logged as [http://jira.icefaces.org/browse/ICE-3690] I've also tried the below workaround and ...

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9. can custom validator tags work with facelets?    icefaces.org

public class LongValidatorTag extends ValidatorTag { private Long minimum; private Long maximum; private String messagePath; public void setMinimum(Long minimum) { this.minimum = minimum; } public void setMaximum(Long maximum) { this.maximum = maximum; } public void setMessagePath(String messagePath) { this.messagePath = messagePath; } public void release() { minimum = null; maximum = null; messagePath = null; super.release(); } protected javax.faces.validator.Validator createValidator() throws ...

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rado_penev wrote: Hello all. I am useing JSF1.2 with IceFaces and facelets. I am writing a custom tag and I want to know if I can get the values of the attributes of the tag in the backing bean. Thanks in advance, Rado I don't think so. If your writing an icefaces component which is basically and extended jsf component ...

19. tag in ICEFACES    icefaces.org

Hello I need help how to create tags in ICEfaces. I create a tag that put a table in my page and my project works perfectly in a pure jsp. But when I work with ICEFACES do not run anything. public int doEndTag() throws JspTagException { StringBuffer sbscript = new StringBuffer(); JspWriter out = pageContext.getOut(); try { sbscript.append("

"); out.print(sbscript); ...

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23. How can I look at and debug tag sources    icefaces.org

From what I have understood so far is that the actual Tag-Code that does the rendering is in the "Render"-Classes (ie. PanelPopupRender for the panelPopup-Tag). Therefore if you like to understand what happens inside the tag, the Renderer-Class is what is interesting to look at. The actual tag classes to me look as if they were generated getter/setter-classes only (I decompiled ...

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Hi, I want to create my own converter tag. I made this with other JSF-implementations and I know that there are many differences between them and even between different versions. Before I start creating a custom converter in Icefaces I want to know if there is already a tutorial or some tips for this thema.

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I'm using the same el expression for inputText and outputText tags that are right next to each other. The outputText tag is correct, but the inputText tag does not get prepopulated correctly. It seems like it's using a cached value as it gets prepopulated correctly the first time the page is displayed? I've tried using both "h:inputText" and "ice:inpuText" and I've ...

48. Problem with Tag...    icefaces.org

You'll need to use Facelets to have JSTL support with ICEfaces. Take a look at Step 6 in the Timezone tutorial (Getting Started Guide). This may only require minimal configuration changes for your project. If you decide that you don't want to use Facelets (although it's highly recommended) you also you the choice of using an ice:panelSeries to replicate the c:forEach ...

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53. SelectInputDate tag and dateFormat    icefaces.org

Hi, remove the popupDateFormat attribute from your component since it is deprecated since 1.6.2. Just use f:convertDateTime instead and be aware that dates are shown in UTC by default. This means you have to make sure to set your timezone appropriately in order to show your date correctly when selecting it from the popup initially. Best regards, Michael

54. Problem with tag    icefaces.org

I am using the tag. After import operation i am trying to show a message to the user. I tried with an alert box using java script during form on load and also tag to show my custom error/info messages. the import operation is sucessful, but after that i neither get an alert message nor the ice message ...

55. How do we know the valid inner tag elements of any component    icefaces.org

Hi, It is a general question with any JSF UI components. From the tag library documentation, it is not very clear to me what are the other valid inner tags for a perticular ui component. This is in similar to ant doc, where help would say about etc are valid inner tags. Could any JSF experts, provide clues ...

57. optional attributes for custom facelets tags    icefaces.org

I have a little issue which i tried to find a solution on the forum, tutorials, doku and google, but wasn't very lucky. We want to develop some composition components with facelets consisting of icefaces components and use them all over in our application. for example a composition which renders ice:outputLabel + ice:inputText - take a look: Code:

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WolfBenz Joined: 31/01/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 19 Offline My setup: Setup: IceFaces 1.7 - JSF (Sun)1.2_04 - web.xml v2.4 - faces-config.v1.1 - Tomcat 6.0.14 - Java5 Hi List, I followed the instructions regarding setup of Icefaces & facelets (web.xml & faces-config.xml, libs, ...) so I suspect the cause of the problem to be in my pages. (also as Tomcat boots fine, no ...

60. [ERROR] - ice:inputFile tag - Cannot determine if user in role    icefaces.org

This is marked as resolved in 1.7.2, but I'm still getting the error. This is a huge blocking issue for our application. Does anybody have an actual workaround for this? the 1.8.0 DR2 build causes an entirely different set of exceptions just trying to start the app, so that seems the Wrong Path for me at the moment.

61. Facelets and custom tag    icefaces.org

The problem is that I don't want to create my own component, with java code and other stuff. I just want to include a page, to which I can pass some variables. I already used this method in another web application and that worked fine. We didn't use IceFaces tho, but I think it's weird that this method is limited. edit> ...

62. How to use EL directly outside the tag?    icefaces.org

For example I have a jspx like following: