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Hello! I have following problem: When my application is deployed by WL I have exception

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ICEfaces: TimeZone Sample Application

ICEfaces: TimeZone Sample Application


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I am convertering my old JSP apps into icefaces. My Existing app relies on custom JSTL(1.1) taglib components. So I would like to know whether I can use them in iceface using either facelets or JSP view. I verified them on standard JSF 1.1 as well as JSF 1.2 and found no problem, but when I add iceface servlet in web.xml, ...

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I often need to goto the Component Showcase to look at code samples to verify/confirm how a component is implemented. I much prefer to use the "real" documentation, i.e. TLD taglibs and Javadocs, but often the descriptions are lacking in critical information. For example, the ice:panelCollapsible component makes light note about there being two different pieces of the component (header, content), ...