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1. ICEFaces template application not working in 6.7    forums.netbeans.org

Alan D wrote: Quote: I have gotten around to wanting to try out ICEFaces, so I created a new project with the ICEFaces and JavaServer Faces frameworks selected. The project creates ...

3. how to create a template    icefaces.org

my job is to create a web application and i want to create a template in order to use it for all my pages JSP. I use JSF and ICEFACES!! Can someone helps me !!! I know how to create a template by Struts but by IceFaces notYet!! Thanks for your helps. if there is an exemple, it will be very ...

5. CSS Styles in Rime-Templates with Datatables (FF and IE incompatibility)    icefaces.org

Hello Folks, I wanted to know if anyone of you face the same or equal problems with css formating of ice-components. Till now i thought to know about the usage of css and css-classes but icefaces components like datatable with row-selectors tought me something different. When I open the component showcase on the icefaces pages here they are rendered in my ...

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8. Dynamic includes using templates    icefaces.org

Hi all, We are using facelets templates in our project. We have a left navigation and top navigation, both on clicking need to show dynamic content. Currently, we are using trees for including the dynamic content. Is there a way one can use commandLinks to replace just the content part in the template. I tried setting the target attribute of the ...

9. Facelets template error    icefaces.org

11. Problem inserting conditional comments into template    icefaces.org

I use JSF+Facelets+Icefaces in my project. I added conditional comments for IE8 into the page of xhtml, like this : When I view the page in the browser, the script is not inserted. I set the facelets parameter facelets.SKIP_COMMENTS to false in web.xml, but nothing changed. I would like to know how to keep ...

12. ICEFaces 2 with the Netbeans 6.8 template    icefaces.org

I forgot to mention that I get the following exception(s) when my application runs. The form comes up in the browser, but I get the error message each post. Code: WARNING: PWC4011: Unable to set request character encoding to UTF-8 from context /Test3, because request parameters have already been read, or ServletRequest.getReader() has already been called SEVERE: failed to append text[

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20. template composition decorate issue in IE7 (nothing appeared)    icefaces.org

Hi, I got the issue with IE 7 while displaying properly in firefox. If i run in IE7, nothing appeared as page is always loading and never finished. in application log, there is no error. I use very simple xhtml page with content page. Previously , IE7 can show once and then later it is not displaying anymore after i restart ...

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28. How to show different icefaces content by using facelets template?    icefaces.org

Headers to init stuff

29. Facelet template static ui:insert and ui:define not working    icefaces.org

ICEfaces Facelets Tutorial

Default Content

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31. Help!!! How integrate menus using a jspx template???    icefaces.org

Hello, I'm trying develope an application with a jspx template. This template defines some areas: header, navigation, content and foot. I want load only once, when the user access to index page, header, navigation with menu and foot. And when click in any option of menu, load the new .jspx in the content area (without reload header, menu and foot). I'm ...