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I am having problem with my icefaces tree, I am not getting the current node value in backing bean. So, I decided to get the value using nodevalue (text). Can anyone ...

2. Output Text headache    icefaces.org

Interesting, I was under the impression that EL expressions get interpreted purely on the detection of the #{} syntax, perhaps they need to be part of a JSP tag to be parsed..? I've never run into a situation where tags couldn't do what I need with a bit of tweaking. So, back to the point, what exactly are you trying to ...

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Hi, I use a DataTable to display data. The user can print the page with the table and I want, that all information is display on one page. Therefor I want to minimize the space between the text in a row and the frame of the row. I tried this css command, but it does not work with the desired result: ...

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Hello, I am using the Columns component with the table component. I am wondering if there is a way to have the column labels displayed vertically instead of horizontally. I have tried using the following css styles: -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation=3); However, the table does not seem to adjust the spacing appropriately when I use the css styles. Thanks ...

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Hi there, My first post and my first projecte using IceFaces. It's been working quite ok but I've recently found myself unable to fulfill a funcionat request from my customer. I have a page with a text input field which is used in conjunction with a barcode reader. Computer barcode readers, for those of you not familiar with this devices, work ...

15. Problem with reach text    icefaces.org

Hi there, I am developing an application at work and I have to use the rich tetxt component. The problem is this: at the beginning the rich text component is populatet with a template and the user can modify it. There are in the page some check box and if the user ccheck one of them some additional text should be ...

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Hello, i am very new in ICEPDF and so no idea how to solve my problem. I use ICEPDF Viewer in my Swing Application. And now i have to get selected words by the user. How can i do this. In the ICEPDF example you can only extract the whole document text. But what i need is an event handler which ...

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mark.collette wrote: Maybe we can come at it from a slightly different angle, and split out the matching substring, so we have { prefix, matching, suffix }, and escape each of those, but then combine them for: escapeAnsi(prefix) + "" + escapeAnsi(matching) + "" + escapeAnsi(suffix) Think that would accomplish what you want? not exactly, because the matching substring ...