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1. Icefaces: Network Connection Timeouts in IE only    stackoverflow.com

My application has a long running request that takes over a minute. If I'm using Chrome or Firefox I just need to be patient. If I use IE however, ...

2. icefaces modal popup timeout issue    stackoverflow.com

Have a question regarding something which has been bugging me for some time now.I'm using icefaces to generate a modal popup with search fields.Clicking search kicks off a screen scraper for ...

3. IceFaces: inputRichText - session timeout while typing    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the inputRichText component for composing HTML-formatted messages in a system I'm working on. I've encountered a problem, however. It seems the session times out, even when the user is ...

4. IceFaces Session Expiry causes an exception    stackoverflow.com

My IceFaces application crashes on session expiry. It's not showing the "User Session Expired" or "Network Connection Interrupted" message. My guess is the same page is loaded again, and since the backing ...

5. change/style Timeout Msg    icefaces.org

Hi there, i have looked through a couple pages of the forum but i couldn't find any similar problem. Is it possible to change the text/style of the session-timeout message in any configuration file or do i have to checkout the sources from the svn, change the text in it and build my own library ? thanks for answers greetings michael ...

6. read Session-timeout?    icefaces.org

8. Reg:Session timeout    icefaces.org

9. Redirection failed within a timeout    icefaces.org

10. Connection Timeout    icefaces.org

11. Automatically extend Session timeouts    icefaces.org

I have an application in which users frequently leave the page running in their browser all day. The page has an intervalrendered that updates data every 30 seconds. However, if the user doesn't interact with the page for a while, it still expires. I'd like it to auto-extend for as long as the browser is open and making the scheduled requests. ...

12. Session timing out though timeout is set to large value    icefaces.org

Hi, I am trying to develop a browser popup window instead of icefaces panel popup as i need multiple popups. The popup is showing the content and the popup page contains links which on activation refresh the popup window. Some times i am getting session timeout error and getting redirected to a page which i configured by setting com.icesoft.faces.sessionExpiredRedirectURI the parameter ...

15. session-timeout : -1 doesn't work ?    icefaces.org

16. Change session timeout popup    icefaces.org

17. Redirect Session-Timeout    icefaces.org

18. Specifying timeout parameter for calling a webservice.    icefaces.org

We are using icefaces+liferay. The middleware is webservices. We are generating the stub code for the webservices to be consumed by using jax-ws. But now we have a requirement to specify timeout parameter while calling the webservice operation. We can do this by setting the following parameter to request context object: rc.put(com.ibm.websphere.webservices.jaxws.Constants.ASYNC_TIMEOUT_MILLISECONDS, 30000); But how to get the request context object ...

19. Timeout redirect Problem    icefaces.org

21. Seesion Timeout    icefaces.org

22. parameter for session timeout/server connection    icefaces.org

hi, i am working with icefaces community edition. i have tried to set the the following parameters in my web.xml(there has been already a post on this topic: http://support.icesoft.com/jive/thread.jspa?forumID=12&threadID=803&messageID=2823#2823): - com.icesoft.faces.connectionTimeout - com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatInterval - com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatTimeout - com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatRetries despite i get the popup "session expired" after some minutes, even if i increase the parameters mentioned above. the parameters seem to have no ...

23. invalidate session on browser close? user session timeouts occurring    icefaces.org

I need to find a way to invalidate the session when the user closes the browser. We are currently calling a servlet from a javascript function that is called via the onunload function. But, the function is also called when the user refreshes the page. I have also considered using the interface DisposableBean but its dispose() method is also called when ...

24. Session timeout action    icefaces.org

27. Session Timeout - Again    icefaces.org

29. icefaces 1.7.1 reload page popup (on session timeout) problem.    icefaces.org

Hi, I have a .jspx page, when user gets session time out on this page a popup with reload button appears as expected. My problem is that when I click on reload I get an exception: javax.faces.FacesException: Can't parse stream for /filename.jspx Failed to execute JSP lifecycle Caused by: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot get value for expression '#{beanName.filedName}' does anyone has a clue? ...

31. Changing connection timeout    icefaces.org

32. Timeout popup on first click after login    icefaces.org

Hello, I have been on this issues for two days now and I cant find a way to solve it. I log in my application using a glassfish file realm with basic authentication. So when I want to access my application, it asks me for a password. Then I access the homepage of my application. But for some reason, on the ...

33. Alert user before Session Timeout ??    icefaces.org

Hi, I am looking into implementation of providing an alert or message which notifies the user that session is about to expire, and giving an option to extend it. I think one option is to do it in JavaScript and another would be writing a PhaseListener. Do let me know what would be the better approach?? And if anyone has implemented ...

34. change modal timeout window    icefaces.org

35. Timeout popup - firefox keeps spinning/loading    icefaces.org

I'm not sure when I started noticing this, but for sure with firefox 8 and ice 1.8.whatever is latest, I see a nuisance when the session times out. We have it set to display the modal pop-up with reload. That works fine. But while the modal pop-up is there, the firefox spining "loading" circle keeps spinning forever, like it does when ...

36. session timeout redirect    icefaces.org

37. Connection timeout!    icefaces.org

Hi, I have read a lot of post about connections timing out. In our application some business operations might take a long time (several minutes), and when these operations are triggered ICEFaces always times out. We have found a way to keep the connection alive by using a progress bar, however I'd like to know why having the following context parameters ...

38. session timeouts/lost connections    icefaces.org

40. Redirect after session timeout    icefaces.org

41. Session timeout exception    icefaces.org

43. Session timeout revisited (RESOLVED)    icefaces.org

44. Random Session Timeouts    icefaces.org

45. timeout with ajax push?    icefaces.org

Hello everybody, sorry for my bad English. Is it possible to remove the time-out with AJAX push. To do simple, if I have well understood: The client creates a connection with the server with the option keep-alive. This connection is redone when the client receive an answer. But apparently, the connection is not redone when a time-out occurs! Is it possible ...

47. Redirect on session expiry/timeout    icefaces.org

Hi, Is it possible to automatically take the user to a "your session has expired" page when their session times out? How about a "your session is about to expire" page/popup? The default "Session Expired" popup which ICEfaces throws up is probably good enough for the former, but a "Your session is about to expire" page would give the user a ...

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