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1. JSF/ICEfaces Dynamic hierarchy tree example

i have list of departments and each department might have a parent or not,department domain object is as follows:

- departmentId
- parentDepartmentId (null if current department has no parent i,e should be ...

3. How to get selected tree node?

4. Tree with multiple selection ???

5. How to Modify Tree Component

Hello everybody, First I would like to make a compliment to the IceFaces creators! the eclipse plug-in is good, the documentation and tutorials are of good quality too. I am evaluating the tree component, I am missing a feature that I expect is not implemented because it is rarely used, if I am wrong then please correct me. The attached file ...

7. Tree expanding and collapse

Hi All, I have used the tree component in our application. It is working fine for me. We have a requirement that at any time only one or no node sholud be in expanded position. Say for example I have two branch nodes Branch1 and Branch2 for a root node. If I am expanding Branch1 (i.e. clicking on Branch1 icon) and ...

8. ICE:TREE Node causing page reload.

10. problem with node icon in tree under ie7

Hi, i have a problem with the ice:tree component under ie7. The node icons are aligned correct only with the standard text size STRG0. But when i change the size with the STRG+ or STRG- the icon is displayed in the middle of the text. But this works in ie6 and Firefox 3. Look at the screenshots of the ie7 tree. ...

11. ICEFaces tree simple example

14. ice:tree custom rendering problem

15. How to expand/collapse all nodes for ice:tree component

Hi, I am using IceUserObject with DefaultMutableTreeNode to create the tree. I am able to create the tree, adding elements, deleting elements etc. I want to expand/collapse all nodes from a single button/link. I am not gettng any method to do it in class DefaultMutableTreeNode/IceUserObject. How to do it in icefaces? I am not using JTree. Thanks Nikhil

16. My Tree is not working

17. Custom Ice Tree

Hi all, I'm new with icefaces and this is my tree custom example (ice:tree tag): ... ... I'm using an ice:selectOneMenu with f:selectItem list. Now when change a selectItem from my page ...

18. Expanding and collapsing the tree is slow performance

I am using I have a 3 root nodes and under each node I have 3 other nodes. When I expand/collapse the root node it works fine but very slow. Implementation is like when I click on any node link a different jsp will be included on right panel. When I expand or collapse the root node, present viewing JSP ...

19. is tree component support RTL language

hi i am using visual icefaces with netbeans then i just drag the tree component from the palette and make the direction of the form that hold the tree in jsp page dir="rtl" the output when run the page like in the image i attached that acceptable for me images in this tree can work in 2 dimensions i think u ...

20. dynamic tree has link at every level?

21. isuse with tree component

23. Tree Slowness and Performance

25. Problem with the tree component

26. Change Tree Node Colors Programmatically

Hello, I wrote a program to populate tree. I just wanted to add one more functionality. I have a method to search a particular node through code. Once the node was found, I would like to highlight the node either by changing the color of the node/text or even by making it to blink. I could not find any resources on ...

27. Tree child folders are not updated ?

28. Problem with tree component.

Using NetBeans 6.5, ICEfaces 1.7.2, Windows XP, Glassfish 2, IE 7. I have a page with a tree component. When I come into the page, I create a new tree component using a function in my session bean. All appears to work fine, I can navigate the tree, expand the tree, and even change the attributes I need to. However, if ...

29. get selected Node in a tree

30. Tree - nodes not collapsing

Hello, Here is my tree: And here is the relevant code in my backing bean that paints the tree: // create root node with its children expanded DefaultMutableTreeNode ...

31. Tree nodes not collapsing/expanding

32. Tree Component. The broken component.

33. Tree doesn't show a subnode

35. Tree in Split Pane overwrites pane separator

I have put a tree node into the left and some tabs in the right of a split pane. When I move the pane handle to the right, the tabs resize correctly and create scroll bars as necessary. When I move the handle to the left over the tree, no scroll bars will appear, and the tree overwrites the right pane. ...

36. Dragable Tree Problem

38. when ice:tree with chinese characters in IE 7

I use the component to show my organization. If the name of organization in English alpha-charaters, it works fine. However, If I use "Chinese" in the node-text, the line will break, when I use the IE browser. After I test it on Firefox, it works fine , too ! Any suggestion to solve this problem ?

39. ice:tree performance

40. Select tree node programmatically?

41. trouble with tree component

42. How to pupulate icefaces tree

43. To generate breadscrum for tree component generated using XML unmarshaling.

Hi, I am rendering Tree component by taking xml file as input and unmarshaling using jibx. I need to generate the breadscrum when user clicks on any node in the Tree. 1) what is the best way to generate the breadscrum ? 2) Is there any possibility to pass the corresponding Iceuser object when user clicks on the command link in ...

44. [Tree Component] Custom Nav Icon

46. ice:tree's keyboardNavigationEnabled function not really useable

With keyboardNavigationEnabled=true the "Enhanced keyboard navigation" will be enabled for menuBar, menuPopup, panelCollapsible, panelTabSet, and tree components. In the ice:tree component, this feature is not really useable, since it does only work on the navigation buttons [+] and [-] when focused. It would be much better if the keyboard navigation also works with the treeNode's content, typically an commandLink, with automatically ...

48. Generate ice:tree in backing bean.

I have succeeded in creating various ICEfaces components programmatically, i.e. in backing beans for example the PanelCollapsible and calling them with a simple binding viz.: This allows me to generate the GUI and its action listeners completely in backend code. I now want to do the same with an ice:tree component. Does anyone have an example for this? ...

49. The tree can't display very well

I have create the tree bean ,before it display. The root node is expanded,and others also expanded. except the leaf node.because it will contains many at first,they will not be expanded. when i click the node ,they will be spreaded. but it's so bad to show. how can i solve it ? there is any wrong with the css?

51. Move Tree Node in a Tree

52. ice:tree not initialized cause

53. Adding Tree nodes to a datatable

54. How to set a custom value for tree node

Hey. Right now I'm querying a database and building my tree off that. I have certain tree id's that need to be associated with the nodes so that when I click a tree I can further use that id to query something else. I can't use the text name of the tree. How would I custom set that? I am also ...

55. hover in tree node

57. out of memory using tree component

60. Tree Component

61. Order files and folders in tree

62. Ice:tree and IE8

I see the ice:tree on windows explorrer 8 is not working correctly in my application: the lines which connect each branch or leaf are completely moved from the good position... I check the icefaces components showcase, I don't see a similar bad effect that I see on my application, someone can help me to solve it?

63. Partial Tree Processing

64. Generate component tree from code

66. Issues with the Tree component

Hi all, Plz I have a strong problem with the three component. I use Iceface 1.8.1. and I have 2 great problems: 1/ In fact, I use it in my application to have a tree-menu. The menu contains URL to display the corresponding page in the right side as you can see it in the enclosed file named 'frmProgramExecutionPage.jspx'. Before putting ...

68. ice:tree expand and minimize problem

Hi, I have implemented a page with ice:tree component; everything works fine if I initialize DefaultTreeModel in the backing bean constructor, but if I move the initialization of DefaultTreeModel outside from the constructor, because I want update the tree with the server push (I need to rebuild the tree), the update works fine, except that is not more possible to expand ...

69. node selection in a tree

70. 2 icons in a tree node

71. tree component in IE

I did start with display:inline but that did not work. I did however find a solution: I changed it to display:inline for the panelGroup and added inside of the panelGroup: ... and that fixed it. Turns out IE was having trouble with the nowrap in the iceTreeRow style (at least within my design).

72. Heterogeneous Trees

74. Tree with hidden root node

75. Node Text not showing in ice:tree

76. Tree Component

78. how to ignore the effect of collapsing and expanding ice trees?

If I for instance collapse a group in a tree this event is also pushed out to others who share the same tree structure. I don't want that! I don't think it's appropiate that these kind of properties should be reflected out to others. Is there a way to ignore this effect?

79. Problems for ICEfaces Tree

80. icefaces Tree

81. Is Tree Table editable?

We are considering using the tree table composite component in our project. We need the data to be displayed like the tree table but it needs to be editable like the editable table component. The example in the demo for the tree table has columns with tags. Can we have inputText, checkbox or a calendar component in the columns?

84. how to update tree view

87. JSF2 ICefaces 2 and trees within tables

Hope that someone can assist here. I am upgrading from 1.8 to 2.0+ and have a view which has a dataTable, where a column has an embedded tree component. All has been working find until I try to convert to using icefaces 2. I keep getting an error of java.lang.IllegalStateException: CDATA tags may not nest within the at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.HtmlResponseWriter.startCDATA( at javax.faces.context.ResponseWriterWrapper.startCDATA( ...

88. Performance problem using

89. Tree Table

90. Mark selected tree node leaf

91. Is there anyway to hide the lines from Tree Component?

Hi, sorry for my English. Im migrating my application from myfaces and tomahawk to icefaces. Id like to know is there anyway to hide the navigation lines showed by the tree compononent? In tomahawk it was possible using showLines="false" but in icefaces tree there is no setShowLines method to hide the lines. Is there any solution for this? Guido

92. any experience with larg tree?

Does anyone have any idea how big a tree can be without much performance and memory issue on the UI side (think the backend is very fast)? We are thinking to show a tree that can have 1000 nodes, is it going to be a problem? Also, does the tree fetch data for all the nodes or just visible nodes. ( ...

95. Error using

Hi all. I'm new to ICEFaces, and I'm having a little trouble setting up a tree view the way I want. What I'd like is, in my tree view, each node can contain a checkbox. I would like the checkbox, because I want to use that to determine if I should act on the node when another button on the form ...

96. Need help with ondblclick for tree

97. Tree node higlight

100. PropertyNotFoundException for userObject,tree component

Hi, when using tree component, I set the text in userObject but while retrieving it in jsp i am getting the following exception: javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Bean: $Proxy3, property: userObject my jsp code: