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10. Effect on ice:treeNode

Yes, sorry, I looked into it more. The way the TreeNode renders, it doesn't do its children, but instead only does its icon and content facets. So there is no hook to put the ice:effect component right under the iceTreeRow DIV that encapsulates the whole TreeNode. I tried a hack of putting the ice:effect as the icon facet, thinking that might ...

11. setting treenode action at runtime

private void populate_account(DefaultMutableTreeNode RouteNode, int routeKey){ String chgInd =""; try { DefaultMutableTreeNode accountNode = null; Statement treeState = con.createStatement(); String query = "select account_key,accountno,changeind from account where route_key ="+routeKey+" order by rtseqno"; ResultSet rs = treeState.executeQuery(query); this.getApplicationBean1().setTechid(query); while({ if(rs.getString("changeind") != null){ chgInd ="X"; } accountNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(); IceUserObject accountObject = new IceUserObject(accountNode); accountObject.setRowIndex(rs.getInt("account_key")); accountObject.setText(rs.getString("accountno")+"-"+chgInd); accountObject.setLeaf(true); accountObject.setAction("#{TreeBean.TreeNodeId}"); accountNode.setUserObject(accountObject); RouteNode.add(accountNode); } // ...

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