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1. Escapse url GET parameters in URL with Java/ICEFaces    stackoverflow.com

I have a JAVA with JSF/ICEFaces application. I need to pass parameters from one page to another so I user something like:

<f:param name="eventName" value="#{item.event_name}" />
And then get it in the constructor ...

2. Implementing URL fragment identifiers into JSF AJAX frameworks like Icefaces    stackoverflow.com

Hey guys. I'm trying to implement URL fragment identifiers into my existing icefaces code. I have several areas where I am showing and hiding panels when the user clicks ...

3. actionResponse.sendRedirect(url) not working    stackoverflow.com

I have one portlet which has a commandLink. On the actionListner of commandLink I called the backingBean and in my backing bean have the following code.

ActionResponse actionResponse = (ActionResponse) LiferayFacesContext.getInstance().

4. How to get url request parameter from inside LIferay/IceFaces/JSF portlet backing bean    stackoverflow.com

Is posible for a portlet to read a request parameter of its surrounding page? E.g. the URL of the page the portlet resides in is http://example.com/mygroup/mypage?foo=bar Is it possible to ...

5. How to enable the url in icefaces project    stackoverflow.com

My Icefaces project is running well in the tomcat server on following url

I can select which page to load default in index page. But what I wand is to access it ...

6. page not found when adding jsessionid to URL for icefaces    coderanch.com

I have a webapp that works fine with icefaces in my MyEclipse development environment using the integrated Tomcat sandbox. It also works find at hosting company A. We are, though, migrating it over to hosting company B and I can't get the subset of my icefaces pages to come up where I programmatically add in the jsessionid to the URL in ...

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8. How to hide/change/mask URL in the browser    icefaces.org

hi We are using the Icefacec1.7.1 our requirement is to mask(want to show a particular URL always) the URL when navigating from one page to other. when we are using tag in the navigation case the URL in the browser is changing from page to page. when we are not using tag the URL in the browser is not ...

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16. can i remove     icefaces.org

19. Get URL param at the bean    icefaces.org

Hi, I am using icefaces 1.8.1 at the release notes found at http://www.icefaces.org/releasenotes/icefaces-1.8.1-RN.html it said the following Attempting to retrieve a Request parameter in the url using the following syntax is not supported (returns null): FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get(paramName); A workaround for this issue is to retrieve the Request parameter using the following alternative syntax: ((HttpServletRequest)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequest()).getParameter(paramName); i tried both without success. i am trying ...

20. ice:gMapGeoXml url problem    icefaces.org

22. Problem with multiple params in URL    icefaces.org

Hi all, I am using ice:outputLink. The value is of "http://blah.com/servletname?param1=value1¶m2=value2". If I provide only one parameter in the query part of the URL all works fine. In case of more than one parameter it works not. Following exception is thrown: java.lang.Exception: javax.faces.FacesException: Can't parse stream for /mypage.jspx The reference to entity "param2" must end with the ';' delimiter. at com.icesoft.faces.context.View.servePage(View.java:142) ...

24. Post Form to different URL in _self    icefaces.org

25. Is it possible to fire diff URLs and get diff pages?    icefaces.org

Hello there, I am implementing a solution where my application will be invoked by another application(say sourceApp) using URLs into myApp. myApp is ICEfaces based application. From prior exp with ICEfaces, I know that firing different URLs does not have an effect on which screen is given to browser. Whatever the D2D image in the server for that session is given ...

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28. Locale based URLs (or view resolvers)    icefaces.org

Hi All, I am in need of a solution for locale specifc URLs. E.g. If a chinese user clicks on a particular link, it should take him to /jspx/ch/welcome.jspx and if a user from US clicks on the same link, it should take him to /jspx/en/welcome.jspx This is different from using locale specific resource bundles with the same JSPX. In my ...

29. Auto-complete tutorial - URL Pattern    icefaces.org

I'm trying to deploy the "auto-complete" tutorial to GlassFish in NetBeans IDE 6.8. http://facestutorials.icefaces.org/tutorial/autocomplete-tutorial.html I'm getting an error about duplicate URL patters for the *.jaf pattern. This is from the web.xml file. Faces Servlet *.jsf Persistent Faces Servlet *.jsf The complete exception: SEVERE: Exception while deploying the app java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Servlet [Faces Servlet] and Servlet [Persistent Faces Servlet] ...

30. blank page when URL first accessed    icefaces.org

31. Logout operation by Session Invalidate and Redirect url    icefaces.org

Hi All, In my logout operation my intension is to invalidate the session and redirect the url. my current code is.... FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().redirect("http://other.application.url"); HttpSession session = (HttpSession) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSession(false); session.invalidate(); When am executing the code, the url is succesfully redirecting, but the session is not closed, when i pressed the back button i was able to see the last page where i hit ...

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34. JSF update URL    icefaces.org

Hi, I have my JSF application and when I send my request the URL doesn't update. My problem is that I have my header included in PHP, where I have my links to change the language. I concat the language parameter to URL and then, in JSF I retrieve the parameter to set a locale, but when I send the request ...

36. URL Fragment identifier    icefaces.org

39. page not found when including jsessionid in URL    icefaces.org

I have what I hope is just a configuration problem. In my MyEclispe development environment using the integrated sandbox of Tomcat 6, things work fine. With hosting company A things works fine. We are, though, migrating over to hosting company B and cannot get any icefaces pages that have a jsessionid tagged on to the URL to be found. I also ...

41. Using to display URL in RHS panel NOT in new window    icefaces.org

Hi there I've looked at your tree-links-tutorial and tree-selection-tutorials at http://resources.icefaces.org/tutorials/tree-tutorial.html. I need to do the same except for: in your tutorial when the user clicks on a URL tree node, it opens the URL in a new browser window. I want it to open the URL in the right hand side, thus the tree must be inside a grid on ...

42. browser back/forward and URL replay    icefaces.org

43. Invoking actions when the user closes a browser window (or tab) or goes to another URL    icefaces.org

This may be more of a general question, but I'd like to know if there's anything native in ICEfaces (I couldn't figure out anything) that could help me in this situation. My web app is using Seam/ICEfaces. Here are my two scenarios: 1. User is using my web application. However, user decides to close the browser window (or tab) using the ...

45. xmlhttp URL problem    icefaces.org

46. append '?rvn=1' at the end of a URL    icefaces.org

Hi! I use PersistentFacesState.getInstance().redirectTo(strURL) in my java code to redirect to an external page. It seems to work many times, but for example, it doesn't work if strURL=http://www.google.es. It's due to the redirect method append at the end of the URL the string '?rvn=1' What is the reason for that? How can I avoid this? Thanks a lot

47. another rvn in URL question    icefaces.org

I saw the other posts about the rvn parameter and not quite sure I understand. It's trying to preserve the view but does anyone have a concise explanation of what that really means to a non-jsf expert? If I have all request-scope beans, each tied to a single page, do I really care about preserving the view number? Here's my case. ...

51. How can I change url suffix?    icefaces.org