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1. how to work around the icefaces ice:selectInputDate validation issue

When using the IceFaces ice:selectInputDate a date selection always triggers the form validation. So when a user selects a date all validation errors are shown. That's especially tedious when the date ...

2. problem in javascript validation , how to make call to javascript from jsf/icefaces?

problem in javascript validation , how to make call to javascript ?

<script type='text/javascript'> 
function validate() 
< body> 
... ...

3. Validator not firing

I have this component:

<ice:form style="width: 45%;" partialSubmit="true" >
    <ice:inputText id="cc" required="true" partialSubmit="true" immediate="true"

4. required validation not fired when multiple icefaces components are on the same page?

I have a very strange issue... I put these two inputText components on a page.

<ice:inputText id="ttest" required="true" partialSubmit="true"></ice:inputText>
<ice:message styleClass="graValidationMessage graNotRequired"

5. why validation fails if using custom component inside a datatable?

I have a very strange problem. The required validation inside a datatable works great if I am working directly with the original components for instance:

<ice:inputText id="inputTextt" field="#{bean[fieldValue]}" required="true"/>
<ice:message for="inputTextt"></ice:message>
will raise the required ...

6. passing validator to a custom component, fails

I have a simple inputText with a validator:


7. validator doesn't work

8. Validators framework

9. ice:selectInputDate required, validator do not work as expected?

I've been reading up on some old forum posts and JIRA bugs, but it appears the behavior is still the same as people have been complaining about. What I notice: required="true" (almost) never works partialSubmit="true" is default, but setting it to false does not change behavior side effect of above is that validator/required attributes are not checked/used during actual form submit ...

10. validator never called

12. how to ignore validators

13. Validate Input even if empty (validator not called)

Hi. I want to validate my input fields for not empty values. But I can not set the required attribute because the textfields can be empty if a special textfield is filled. Example: I've got 3 textfields: Title, Username and Date. Title and Date are required fields if the Username is not set. If you only enter a username the form ...

14. Selecinputdate in table, cannot reset when failed validation

HI All, I am working on a form which has a formId as an input text field and data table underneath which has fields such as effectivedate, description. All the records in the table will have same form Id and will differ in the fields with in the table. There is a requirement that the dates in succesive rows have to ...

15. Problem creating a custom validator using ValidatorELTag

I'm trying to create a custom validator, the traditional one : RegexValidator I found the RegexValidator source code in PrenticeHall EBook and so many web site. All of them are them same. So I followed each step precisely. 1- I made a Validator class and implement the validate mthod: public class RegexValidator implements Validator, StateHolder { ... public void validate(FacesContext context, ...

16. Partial validation

Hi, I got a form with 5 inputtext and each of them have the same validator. When I enter a value in the first inputtext, all inputtext are validate. Here my question: When I enter a value in the first inputtext, is it possible that only this inputtext go to the validation process? For now, all those inputtext are partialSubmit=true and ...

17. Problem with login validation

Hi guys, I really need some help in this issue. I have an application that have a login page. I need to persist the login information for all the application. The problem is that i cant figure out a way to do this. I had tried to create a filter, but this have a colateral effect that the icefaces doesnt work. ...

18. Validator

ok thanks but what im not understand is when i add a long range validator , a method is automatically created but in your code there is a handwrited method inputText1.setValidatorMessage(........). why this is so difficult ? i'm a guy who used spring mvc with jsp but i can't push me to ICEFACES. what im doing wrong. whats matter with the ...

19. Problem with validation and immediate

Hi all, i'm currently having some problems with validations in combination with commandlinks. First, i'll try to explain what the page that is experiencing the problem looks like, and then i'll explain the problem. The page The page consists out of two parts. The lower part is made up by a datatable in which items are displayed. Each row in the ...

20. validation of an input field above an editable table

It is possible that it is to difficult for icefaces or for me but I have an input field above an editable table. For this input field I hace set the required-attribute to "true". If the user 1) removes the value form the input field and 2) edits some values in the editable table and 3) after that presses the save-button ...

21. ice:selectInputDate validation.

23. Validation Groups

24. How to optimize the validation phase?

We're using IceFaces for about 6 months and it's really nice to work with. But in some screens with many form elements the application becomes really slow. I've added a phase listener and as you can see the validation phase is our problem: Code: 20.04.2009 14:30:14 com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.SystemOutandErrHandler$LoggingByteArrayOutputStream flush INFO: BEFORE PHASE: RESTORE_VIEW 1, TIME: 2009-04-20 14:30:14.902 20.04.2009 14:30:14 com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.SystemOutandErrHandler$LoggingByteArrayOutputStream flush INFO: ...

27. required field validation

30. validation double

31. Using XML Schema (XSD) for validation

32. Problem with popup validation and table inline editing

Hi all, I have a master/detail view for doing CRUD operations. The master view is a table with row selector and add/edit buttons. After selecting a row and click on edit a popup should appear for editing the selected Object. In addition the user should be able to edit the objects directly in the table. 1. Case: After selecting a row ...

35. validator not fired

36. JSF selectInputDate Validation

37. Validate two depending inputfileds

Hi all, I try to validate two inputfileds which are depending on each other. Both are fields which should hold a start and a enddate. I want to check whether the startdate is earlier as the enddate. Can anybody help me? If possible I want to automatically update the enddate field with a date which is later than the ...

38. Custom java script validation

39. Validators?

40. Trying to cancel out of a popup with validation errors present

Hey guys. I have a popup box right now with a close action and a default's command button. The popup has text input. I'm trying to make it so the user can exit out of the popup box or just go back to the default values with validation errors already there. Let's say the popup comes up and it has the ...

41. Hopefully easy validation question

42. How to skip validation of inputfield

I'll try right now, I want to ask you this question: I have a list in a page, made by a query on db; I leave the page to another and insert a new record. When I come bak to the page, I don't see the new record because (I think the system restore the last saved view) Is there any ...

44. Validation problem

I just have some problem when using ICEfaces 2.0 to do the form validation. The server backend validation works fine. However, I can not see the validation message. My code is quite simple, it just a test case: I have also debug ...

45. Validation Issue

46. Which validator or mechanism

47. problem in javascript validation

49. render mecanism with validations

50. page level validation

51. validation in ice:dataTable?

52. Problem with validator

Hello everybody! I have a problem with validator phase. I have a form in a popup: if there are no errors in the validation phase I have no problem when I come back again to the same form. Otherwise, if I have problem with the validation phase and I close the popup (I only set to false the boolean value for ...

53. selectInputDate with a validator is clearing errorMessages

I've run into this problem several times using v1.8.2, and coded work-arounds each time to get the error messages displayed in outputText components that I have to manually clean up after each use. I've seen on this forum that others have had the same problem in the past, but not seen an answer that will solve this exact situation. A selectInputDate ...

54. XSD for validation

jspx page is an XML document and therefore must comply with XML. Most the JSP page syntax is already XML compliant. Jspx page normally does not have a DTD declaration. You could generate a DTD. If you want to. for example: netbeans 5.5, it includes xml to DTD generator. So you could rename your jspx to xml extension file. Right click ...

55. Applying Effect during Validation

Hi, In our app, we want to apply an effect during form validation (not using partialSubmit). When the validation fails, in the backing I apply an effect on the component (which is bound). The first time the validation fails this works fine. After that the effect doesn't seem to be applied although the validation still fails. Any suggestions... Thanks, Emmanuel

56. Required-Validator

Hi, is there a possibility to invoke a custom Validator, to check, whether a Field is empty, or not? As far as I know, the Validator is only called, when the field is not empty. So I can't do this the usual way. Providing the required-attribute, doesn't not solve my problem, since the error message, I return for errors, is a ...

57. Validator and/or Converters

58. show validation errors in non English locale

Hi again, I've managed to find a workaround for a this problem, it required me to introduce phase listener(Validation phase) which I've used to set the locale by hand in beforePhase method. I don't know if this is a good solution, but forces the application to respond the way I need it to. Is there a more elegant solution that I've ...

59. Validation field (required)

60. Validation prblm with selectInputDate

61. Validator Problem

62. Validations are Mis-Firing

Hi, We have 2 select one menu with value change listener writen on them and one simple text box -having required = true & min length:8 The problem: ---------------- When the value change listener is firing (say the first one) the validations on each of the components of the page (text box) is happening. We want to avoid this. We tried ...

64. Simple Validation Example...

65. ignore validation inside f:verbatim

66. Dynamic configuration of custom validator in a dataTable

public class CompteValidator implements Validator { private ValidatedObject objectCompte; public void validate(FacesContext ctx, UIComponent arg1, Object value) throws ValidatorException { ServletContext servletCxt = ((HttpSession)ctx.getExternalContext().getSession(false)).getServletContext(); WebApplicationContext context = WebApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(servletCxt); CacheCompte cache = (CacheCompte)context.getBean("cacheCompte"); String message = null; try { CompteValidation.isValidCompte((String)value, cache); } catch(ValidationException e) { message = e.getMessage(); throw new ValidatorException(new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR,e.getMessage(),e.getMessage())); } finally { objectCompte.setErrorMessage(message); } } public ValidatedObject getObjectCompte() { ...

68. Validator issue

69. Validation problem

HI all, This is my login jsp and i am getting the validation error,actually by submitting incomlete form its showing validation message two times rather than once.So please have a look at . Thanks in advance.