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1. Is it possible to perform a forward into a new window?

We are using ICEFaces 1.8 and I would like to perform a forward to a new URL, but want it to open in a new window. We are currently able ...

2. How to open new browser window using icefaces?

How to open new browser window using icefaces

JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "'printerFriendly.html','Print','width=300','height=200','menubar=yes','status=yes','location=yes','toolbar=yes','scrollbars=yes')"); 
but not able to open the page, please help me

3. icefaces multiple window support for same session

i have application which made with ice:faces .. i want to make support of multiple window with same session is it possible in ice:faces ? in web.xml i have put the tag like that

I am ...

4. Why does ICEfaces send dispose-window request on page unload when using view-scoped bean?

in our application ICEfaces always sends a dispose-window request just before navigating to another JSF Page. as much as i understand this should not happen when having org.icefaces.lazyWindowScope set to true ...

5. Pop Up Window for submitting update request

Hi, Could any one please tell me which component should i use for this task. I have a web page, upon clicking a button on this page. It should open a popup window where in I can place a Text Box and Button. Once the user enters the value in the text box clicks the button, it updates the value in ...

6. Popup Window issues.. Graying out the whole screen along with the popup window



public void openWindow(ActionEvent event) { String productID = getSelectedProductId() ; System.out.println("productID "+productID); ProductRecord product = null ; ArrayList prodList = getDisplayList() ; System.out.println("prodList "+prodList.size()); for (ProductRecord prod:prodList) { if (prod.getProID().equals(productID)) { product = prod ; ShowProductDetails details = (ShowProductDetails)session.getAttribute("ShowProductDetails"); System.out.println("details "+details); System.out.println("prod "+prod.getProID()); System.out.println("product "+product.getProID()); details.setProId(prod.getProID()); details.setProCode(prod.getProCode()); details.setProName(prod.getProName()); details.setProDesc(prod.getProDesc()); details.setProPoints(prod.getProPoints()); details.setProCatID(prod.getProCatID()); details.setProSubCatID(prod.getProSubCatID()); details.setProVendorID(prod.getProVendorID()); details.setProImage(prod.getProImage()); System.out.println("Opening new window..."); JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(context, "'Test.iface','Details','width=700,height=700,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');"); System.out.println("Openned"); break ...

12. How to open a new window?

13. Open Link in New Window

16. Dispose managed bean in browser popup window

Hi Everyone, I have the following problem. In our facelets application we use several browser popup windows. If I close one of these windows the managed bean should be disposed. Since this is not automatically done while closing the window I added an action that removes the bean from the facescontext (and additionally an JS event that calls the same action ...

21. Problem with javascript new window

22. Window Close Event

24. new session problem

Dear All, In our system development we have used icefaces, One requirement we have is to generate new session when we open popup window. Becuase on both window we will be having different users. First Parent window willbe having super user login. Child window will be having login of any other users. Both window will be accessing same window with different ...

25. icefaces

27. Strange error when I call other window

IceFaces stop to work when I call a javascript function. I have one page in IceFaces that open other page with a outputlink (target=_blank) in a new window. But before I came back to the page nothing more work, my calendar don't work and I cant submit the page!!! Somebody knows what is happening?

30. Problem with +

31. ICEfaces 2 window scope

33. popup using a

34. popup using a

Hi all, we have a datatable displayed using icedatatable and a command link is there for each cell to perform an action.when the command link is cliked a popup is being opened which is out side to my portlet.When 2 users are clicking on different cells at the same time the data they are saying what the other person has clicked.indeed ...


I have a datatable in my page.on click of that i have to open a popup window which shows another table. when some one selects some thing on the popup table i have show the detail data. problem when some one selects some thing on popup the entire page is getting refreshed .Can any one has same page

36. How to force rendering a component from another window ?

Hi all ! I'm in trouble with rendering a tree component from another window. The main page contains a tree component- when I click on a node, a new window (actually a popup) is displayed with some options. Clicking submit on the window should update the tree component (in the parent window). I can see that data is actually added to ...


38. opening a new window

hi, I would like to open a new window in ICEfaces. Therefore I have set the parameter "com.icesoft.faces.concurrentDOMViews" in my web.xml to "true". In my calling page I have created a commandlink with "target=blank". However, unfortunately whenever I click on the commandLink the callee page is opened in the same window(=the window of the calling page). The error log does not ...

39. Open site in a new window ICEfaces

41. dispose-window.icefaces.jsf and blank page after FORM based login

The problem does not happen when login.xhtml called top level. I can invoke login.xhtml directly (without attempting resource access) and it returns after login to home page index.xhtml ok. I can attempt access of a single top-level resource /secure.xhtml and it correctly requests login and returns the secured resource. The problem only happens when attempting to access deeper nested protected resources ...

45. Ajax exception popup window

46. Window Scope information

47. Switching from session scoped to window scoped

I guess that switching all session scoped beans to window scope would enable my app to work when user has the app open in different tabs. But I have some places where I access or create the session scoped beans manually via HttpSession - eg. in filters. Is there a way to manually create and register a window scoped bean in ...

50. Popup Window in Icefaces

Hi there, I have tried searching this subject to no avail. I have an application that requires a popup window that in turn follows a certain flow. However while in this window the user would want to search for something seperate in the parent window. When coming back to the child window the window is reset to the home page of ...

51. How can i get a window scoped been?

I'm trying to switch from session scoped beans to the window scoped beans but i can't find a way to correctly get my window scoped bean to communicate with other beans through FacesContext. I can get the bean in view or session scope easily enough: FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestMap().get("beanName"); FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().get("beanName"); but get null for my window scoped bean using both methods. this code returns ...

53. Problem with ice components - [window] Error [status: malformedXML code: 200]: XML Parsing Err

Hello all, I have a strange problem that happened when I install my application in CentOS. I use tomcat 7, jdk 7, spring 3.0.5, springsecurity3.1, Facelets and icefaces 2.1. I developed my application on windows7 and everything works well, but when I try install my application on Centos 5 my components don't work. So, for instance, when I try to use ...

56. Is any possible to disable window "User session expired"?

I'd like to know this as well. Can ICEFaces developers chime in here? Is there any configurability to this popup at all? In my estimation, there are two functions needed when the session expires and required objects are garbage collected. One, notify the user. Two, take them to some default page. You have the first part down (though I would like ...

58. dynamically adding javascript to window.onLoad from a bean

I am dynamically creating components for a page inside of a bean. At this time I need to add javascript that will be executed at the time the page loads. What is the best way to add a chunk of javascript to a page? Is there a way to use the f:verbatim component? I was able to add my javascript to ...

60. window.logger Javascript error

61. window.logger Javascript error

63. Positioned panel in same window as < select > tag

Hi, Let me first give a clue of what I am developping. 1. Basicaly a list of items is displayed on screen. 2. A button that pops open a 3. In this I have a to resort the list (only names are shown). All works fine if there is NO on the page. Now in IE these ...

64. How to return a value from the popup component to a 'parent window'

I have a page with a

65. Extra window on IE

The attached picture file has adjacent images of what is happening on IE and FF. When I click on a button to generate report, an extra window appears on IE. But this extra window does not appear on FF. In my actionlistener, I am using the following code to open report in a separte window - JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), "'./servlet/ExcelCsvServlet','Report','width=200,height=200')"); I appreciate any ...

68. Open a popup window


71. Popup window problem

72. closing popup window

Hi, In the application I'm currently developing, I have to open a popup window (which is a concurrent view, not a modal component popup) and then close it in reaction to some event. This popup window displays information from the beans and contains a button that triggers a method. I use javascript calls in order to open and close this window, ...

73. browser popup window causes Session Expired: possible bug???

Environment. JSF RI 1.2, Icefaces 1.7.0, Facelets, IE 6/7 Manifestation. I have a main page (lets say, mainVeiw.iface). From that page I open another browser window with another Icefaces page in it (say, dialogView.iface). I do it by using my own javascript; something like this: Code: dialogView.iface, winName, 'width=800,height=600,toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes') I configured Icefaces to run in multiple views mode ( concurrentDOMViews=true ...

76. Open page in a new browser window

78. open new browser window from a managed bean

Hi all, When a user clicks on a MenuItem, I need to open a new browser window. This should be pretty simple, however, I need the request to invoke a method on the server first. So, I cannot use onclick( because the browser window will be opened before the server-side method is invoked. I am also using just-ice.jar, so my application ...

79. Open page in a new browser window

81. Displaying Imge in New Window

Hi, I m new to IceFaces, not much familiar with API. Could some one please help me out in doing this. I have to display a Tiff Image in a PDF. I m using IText for the conversion of Tiff to PDF. I have done it using the standalone java. Now my task is to integrate that in the Ice Faces. ...