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I'm new to Icefaces and Facelets both, but I'm using them on a new project. I've got everything working configured and working fine. However, when I visit mywebapp/file.xhtml, the entire facelets ...

2. Build xhtml dynamically from db data in ICEFaces    stackoverflow.com

we are migrating our application from an existing custom web application framework to JSF/IceFaces. we store window description in database: what kind of fields are on the window, what are their labels, ...

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I have an xhtml page where I do include some css files like:

    type="text/css" />

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We are using ICEFACES 1.8 and would like to know how to show Image loading while the page is loading.. I have a page on which I show a list of objects ...

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I have a problem with conditional rendering of JSF components updated with ICEFaces Push. The use case is I'm looping through images in directory, and on new image I'm calling ICEFaces Push ...

6. ICEfaces configured for view /*.xhtml but h:head and h:body components not seen    coderanch.com

hi all, I have a problem in making a form of 3 fields to view icefaces fields and the error returned in the glassfish server consol is the following WARNING: ICEfaces configured for view /welcomeICEfaces.xhtml but h:head and h:body components are required the following is the code: index.xhtml

10. xhtml code reuse    icefaces.org

excuse my newbiness, i'm sure this is a very basic question that does not relate specifically to icefaces but i'm new to all the jsf/icefaces world and i'm a bit lost. i have this xhtml page with a big table that took me some time to tune at my needs. now i need to have two identical tables in the same ...

15. Not able to include more than one xhtml-need help    icefaces.org

I have a index.jsp which redirect to index.xhtml where it has composition with template main.xhtml as given below.When i am including user_info.xhtml page along with header.xhtml is not getting rendered. If I include only header.xhtml page is rendered. Can some one help me what wrong I am doing here ...

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18. Referencing Bean values in .xhtml page    icefaces.org

[New to JSF, IceFaces, so apologies if too basic or explained badly] I have a Session scoped managed bean (A) that is populated from a form with selectOneMenu items. On submit, the controller Bean (B) routes based on the categories chosen by the user. The target page must display one or more graphs depending on variables contained in the session bean ...

19. Navigation differences between xhtml and jsp?    icefaces.org

Hi. This issue is related to a thread that I have created before: http://www.icefaces.org/JForum/posts/list/18985.page Since it is a long and confusing read, I thought it would be better if I posted a couple of WAR files to show you what I mean. Please run the following WARs on a Tomcat 6 server and do the following with each: 1. Navigate to ...

20. Icefaces 1.8.2 + seam + refresh xhtml problem    icefaces.org

Hi guys, I cannot able to see the changes as soon as my xhtml page is changed. It takes me around 1-2 minute to reflect it. In my web.xml i have added facelets.refresh_Period to 2 or 1 and facelets.development to true but then also no luck. I am using seam + eclipse helios + and jboss 5 Any help would be ...

21. Dynamic xhtml generation in ice-faces    icefaces.org

Hi sani9, we are creating some of our JSF masks from Swing components by the way .-) IMHO the way to success is to write your own ResourceResolver. The magic happens in the getInputStream method which you need implement. Depending on the current state you could fetch xhtml markup from the database, use JDOM to create it on the fly, and ...

22. So you cant put xhtml files in WEB-INF at all using IceFaces 2.0?    icefaces.org

I was trying to put a single page unprotected in WebContent\xhtml\home.xhtml, while placing the rest of the xhtml files into WEB-INF\xhtml. The idea being to allow direct access to a single page, but not allowing access to the rest of the files. Works fine, navigating from the home page to a second page using a element. But navigating from the ...

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26. Including Faces in non-xhtml JSPs    icefaces.org

Interesting link. After reading it, I'm pretty confident that I'm already doing it the way it is outlined there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to a downloadable archive that contains the tutorial project. It would be interesting to see if that works here, because then, it has to be a configuration error on my side.

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28. Difference between .XHTML and .JSPX    icefaces.org

Many editors support syntax highlighting and tag code completion for JSPX but not Facelets. Since the Facelets syntax is so similar to JSPX, some developers have found that it's useful to give their Facelets source files a .jspx extension, to gain that functionality from their editors. Also, some editors only support old JSP, and not JSF/JSP. In old JSP, you have ...

30. merge xhtml and js in iceface setting    icefaces.org

hello, can somebody help me as soon as possible? I have two files: datepicker.js and hello.xhtml I'm using ICEface, especially in hello.xhtml. I want to call datepicker.js through hello.xhtml. What I'm suppose to do?Please explain it step by step clearly, because honestly, I don't have any knowledge in using ICEfaces.Thank you for your time

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33. pick a value from xhtml to java    icefaces.org

yolan Joined: 25/07/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 39 Offline Hello friends, I have a calendar's code in icefaces, the code is like below: hello.xhtml Code:

and my java code to connect to database is such ...

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38. XHTML validation still a problem?    icefaces.org

lightguard, Last year, as part of my work term at ICEsoft, I made an analysis of XHTML compliance in ICEfaces. Most of the component related XHTML errors have been solved. We are aware of those errors you're reporting and they are related to the framework itself (i.e. all ICEfaces pages have them). Recently, I started to be more involved in the ...