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1. JSF - When to use message-bundle and resource-bundle?

When should I use resource-bundle and message-bundle tags for i18n in faces-config? The differences between those two are not very clear to me.

2. I18n - JSF variable value translation

I am using Bundle Internationalization in my project. I have initialized bundle via

<f:loadBundle basename="ui.all.bundles.AppResources_en" var="msg"/>
When i need to translate some text, i am using a key to resourceBundle, to get a ...

3. Why is internationalization not working properly? JSF

This is my file in WEB-INF/classes folder :-

And then i created :-
Then in my JSF page i wrote this :-
 <f:loadBundle basename="messages" var="msg"/>

<h:commandButton id="btnLogin" value="#{msg.Login}" actionListener="#{IndexBean.doLogin}"/>
I can correctly see ...

4. Internationalization in javascript

I have a legacy JSF application. Now that we want to add i18n support to the application. Some portion of the textual content comes from javascript code and is added dynamically. ...

5. Problem with i18n in JSF 2.0 (ukrainian & russian)

Goal: I want to use jsf`s i18n Scenario: creating resource bundle (utf-8) file info:

 file -I ./
./ text/plain; charset=utf-8
using it by faces-config:

6. i18n with UTF-8 encoded properties files in JSF 2.0 appliaction

I am using jsf-ri 2.0.3 where Hebrew and Russian support is needed. The problem is that I see gibberish on the screen instead of the correct text. First of all I have defined ...

7. Dynamic locale switching in a JSF app?

I have an application where the user can dynamically switch between locales from the welcome page of my application. I see that the earlier developer (inherited the code without much documentation) ...

8. JSF 2.0 loading the bundle

I got the following error:

> org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An
> exception occurred processing JSP page
> /ajax/busstop_ajax.jsp at line 12
    10: <%@taglib prefix="f" uri=""%>
    11: <%@taglib prefix="h" uri=""%>

9. Problem changing language application

as I asked time ago in this question, I solved my problem using this method:

  1. In loging.xhtm, for instance:
    <f:view locale="#{languageDetails.locale}" >
    <f:loadBundle basename="messages.Messages" var="msg1"/>

10. How to detect client locale in JSF application?

How can I use ServletRequest.getLocale() in JSF application, when Servlet is absent in my code and is provided by JSF implementation? I'm trying to use ServletContextListener, but is it possible to ...

11. JSF: Best way to Enum internationalization (i18n)

I have a problem with i18n enums in my web application (in JSF). At the beginning i had enums with text defined inside, but now in enums i have a key ...

12. JSF 2.0 internationalization without faces-config

I want to provide different languages in my jsf-application. I've found that explanation and I wonder if I can also do that without faces-config (because I don't use one since ...

13. JSF2 Interantionalization propertie-file question

I am trying to implement follwing example into my jsf2 app: But I don't understand how the app knows what property-file belongs to what language. May you pls explain :-)

14. JEE Directory Structure Question

I have a problem with following tutorial: In faces-context file you have to declare the place where all the language properties-files are (<base-name>HERE</base-name>). But in that example they use apparently ...

15. JSF:Resourcebundle Problem with Internationalization

I implemented internationalization like in that tutorial! When I change the language in my app. It works. But only until the next request happens. Then language settings are reset to ...

16. JSF setLocale doesn't work appropriately

I implemented internationalization into my jsf app as described here. But I encountered a problem: When I change the locale all the texts on my page change. But then if ...

17. What is the difference between message-bundle and resource-bundle in JSF

Possible Duplicate:
JSF - When to use message-bundle and resource-bundle?
HI, I have started learning the concepts of displaying the messages in different languages. I come across ...

18. Image i18n in JSF2

I am trying to localize images in JSF, and I want the user to be able to set their locale on my site. This I am doing by a call ...

19. JSF ResourceBundle key concatenation

i have a resource bundle with entries like these:

on my jsf page i am trying to use these keys dynamically, the id of the entry is coming from a managed bean. ...

20. another jsf itemValue and message bundle question

i have a selectOneMenu with selectitems. if i use

<f:selectItem itemValue="3" itemLabel="#{hrBundle['phoneType3']}"/>
it works well, displaying the localized label. i have more options inside a List and when i use f:selectItems, it ...

21. escaped Ambersand in JSF i18n Resource Bundle

i have something like

<s:link view="/member/index.xhtml" value="My&#160;News" propagation="none"/>
<s:link view="/member/index.xhtml" value="#{msg.myText}" propagation="none"/>
where the value of myText in the is
The first line of the example works fine and replaces the text to "My&nbsp;News", ...

22. Internationalization in JSF 2.0

I'm wondering how internationalization works in jsf? I have read tutorial on about it, but in my case it works slightly differently. In that tutorial said that ...

23. Accessing i18n properties file in a JSF application programmatically

I am trying to access the i18n properties file I'm using in my JSF application in code. (The idea is to have a page that displays its keys and values as ...

24. Internalization of JSF project on WebSphere 7

I'm trying to implement loading Resource Bundles for JSF application from DB, following the sample: Design question regarding Java EE entity with multiple language support For the test I coded getItSomehow() ...

25. Internationalization in JSF

Hi All Please could someone give me some advice on internationalization best practice for JSF. I know what I am trying to achieve but not the best method. I would appreciate any guidance. Requirements ============ I want a ResourceBundle accessible to my JSF pages, backing beans and model objects loaded from a properties file. I dont want to load the ResourceBundle ...

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36. [JSF 2] internationalization: UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES et INVOKE_APPLICATION phases are skipped

Hi, I have this tag where the user can change the language. Here is the method of the managed bean : public void changerLangueComboBox(ValueChangeEvent event) { FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); if ("en".equals((String) event.getNewValue())){ context.getViewRoot().setLocale(Locale.UK); this.locale = Locale.UK; } else if ("fr".equals((String) event.getNewValue())) { context.getViewRoot().setLocale(Locale.FRENCH); this.locale ...

37. Permanent links for i18n in JSF

38. I18n problems with JSF

40. internationlization in facelet seems not working well

I have a web app built by JSF2, with English and French versions of pages. I created a wrapper.xhtml as the template page, defined header, content, and footer pages Then I created a helper page that uses this wrapper as the template. 'msgs.glossaryLink' contains the links ...

42. JSF 1.2 + Internationalization

Hi I am new to JSF . I want to perform the concept of internationalization with jsf1.2 and i m using glassfish as server . I Don't want the code to have a menu from which we select a particular language . I NEED it to be browser specific i.e if i change the language of the browser then it should ...