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In Java Server Faces, we normally get the locale of the current request with the UIViewRoot.getLocale() method, which would normally return the locale set in the browser. In a layered application, ...

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Currently my team is developing a web 2.0 application in java and we are using JSF for the presentation layer. We are beginning with the presentation layer so we have yet ...

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I have a situation where when a user selects a language from drop down, I want the the application locale to change accordingly. Capturing locale is not difficult, but how to ...

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I have the following JSF code to display a date using a certain pattern. <f:convertDateTime pattern="E, d MMM, yyyy" timeZone="#{localeBean.timeZone}" /> I would like to pass the pattern to this via the localeBean ...

5. JSF 2 - Ajax - Locale not updated    stackoverflow.com

I have this bean:

public class LangListing implements Serializable
    private List<SelectItem> languages = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    private String language;

    public LangListing() {

6. Why h:inputText doesn't use default locale for number conversion?    stackoverflow.com

I have some h:inpuText fields to hold numbers. All decimal values are shown with "." as delimiter, although I have the following entry in faces-config.xml:

and the ...

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Hi I want to change the locale using javascript in the JSF.Can anyone give example.

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In my WebApp I created a managed Bean that allows me to change the Locale from French to english and vice versa using Event Change Listener.


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Newbie: help switching locale with JSF Hi, I hope someone can help, I am having problems switching between locales in particular en_GB to en_US and en_US to en_GB for my website, however ...

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I am upgrading my app to JSF 2 from JSF 1.2. I have ran into the following issue. I had locale handler which handled the locale used by examing the URL of ...

11. Third locale variant on f:loadBundle    coderanch.com

Hi I am using f:loadBundle to load a resource bundle but it only seems to support two locale variants, not the third that you would expect. We have language_country working fine but if we introduce language_country_thirdvariant to the property file then it is not picked up. has anyone got around this problem without backend loading of the resource bundle? Cheers

13. PhaseListener: before or after which phase should I set the locale?    coderanch.com

Hello, I use restfaces an I have UrLs such as mydomain.com/fr/book/etc where /fr/ is the desired locale. I have tried retrieving the locale string from the URL and setting the locale from a PhaseListener before the renderResponse phase but it does not work i.e. when I change the locale in the address bar to /en/book/etc it will not change the locale. ...

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17. locales and jsf    coderanch.com

First of all you don't have to put the view tag to all of your pages. You can put it in a template file and then all your pages that use that template have it defined. When you define the locale change it to point to a backing bean (or to facescontext) so that it can change dynamically. I for example ...