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I'm trying to set up a norwegian version of a site built with JSF. I know how to display my own messages based on what locale is set to, but I'm having ...

2. JSF FacesMessage localization    stackoverflow.com

My problem now is that I can't get localization working with FacesMessage I've tried:

try {
    ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("translations", context.getViewRoot().getLocale());
    text = bundle.getString("loginFail");
} catch (Exception e) ...

3. f:validateDoubleRange localization    stackoverflow.com

I have poblem with localized message for validation error in the f:validateDoubleRange

<h:inputText id="inputId" required="true"
     <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="0"/>
I try to localize ...

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I have a JSF 2.0 application which allows the user to change the site's language which should affect both texts and images. Currently the locale is set in a session bean ...

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I've defined my supported languages in faces-config.xml as follow:

How can I access supported locales in a ManagedBean ? e.g. to populate a list with corresponding ...

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Hi, As you know Java Server Faces supports localization using .properties files. For example if I want to use localized string from, e.g., UserStrings.properties file, I should declare it in faces-config.xml, ...

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9. Kick off localization in JSF    coderanch.com

Thank you very much. I had seen that construct here and there while Googling, but not understood what it was specifically for. One article in particular misled me into the syntax I chose. It seemed reasonable and I moved on puzzled as to why it wasn't working. I'm not certain how long it would have been before it dawned on me, ...

10. JSF Localization problem    coderanch.com

Hi im doing localization with properties files... and it works fine (with English at least) but for any other languages like russian or hebrew.. i must convert the properties files with native 2ascii,,, which is really annoying is there any others way to localize in jsf or is there a way to work without the native2ascii conversion? thanks ahead!

11. Visual JSF localization    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I'm developing my first real Visual JSF application using NetBeans 6.1 I'm using a table component. It works fine, but when I turn on pagination (I really need it), the pagination controls displays English texts ("Page: x of y"). The same problem is with filter (text "Filter:"). I need to localize these texts. I have tried to add some code ...