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1. Can a List<> be casted to a DataModel

I'm trying to do the following:

public String createByMarcas() {
    items = (DataModel) ejbFacade.findByMarcas(current.getIdMarca().getId());
    return "List";

public List<Modelos> findByMarcas(int idMarca){

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My web application is a CRUD web application based on JSF 2.0 / JPA using JEE 5 and JDK 1.6. Running on Glassfish 3.1. The IDE is Netbeans 7.0. (I do ...

3. hibernateTemplate and reading parent/Child classes into dataModel

I have come unstuck with this goal after successfully using a dataModel when rendering the result from a hibernateTemplate().find on another class where there isn't a many-to-one mapping to another class. Has anyone ...