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1. JSF Hibernate decision support

I like JSF and Hibernate but I have a a problem to make the right decision: In fact, I have POJOs for Client, House, Problem and son on. and a Business delegate RentManager. ...

2. Tips for resolving Hibernate/JPA EntityNotFoundException

I'm running into a problem with Hibernate where when trying to delete a group of Entities I encounter the following error: javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException: deleted entity passed to persist: [com.locuslive.odyssey.entity.FreightInvoiceLine#<null>] These are not normally so ...

3. Hibernate Initial SessionFactory creation failed

I'm trying to use hibernate to fill my jsf selectonemenu in ApplicationBean (in Liferay). The problem is that I got Initial SessionFactory creation failed problem. Before putting my functions in the ...

4. how to avoid model code duplication with JSF and JPA

I'm new to JSF and am wondering if I got things right. Let's say I have a simple CMS that makes it possible to write pages. First, I define a JPA entity ...

5. JSF with Hibernate sample web application

Are there any ready-to-use sample web applications using JSF, RichFaces and Hibernate?

6. Online training chat service

(sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this) I have an idea for a small website (2 or 3 pages) that I want to build in Java - more specifically ...

7. Hibernate Proxy Problem

I'm sorry to ask such a basic question but I could not find a clear answer in others' questions: I have a class Foo

public class Foo {
  private Integer id;

8. JSF and JPA best practice

I've a little experience with JSF and I would like to know the best practice to build a classic crud application with search capabilities. In particular I 'm in doubt about ...

9. java/jsf/hibernate

how to integrate jsf with hibernate,send me an example.

10. Tree with context menu using JSF 2.0 and Hibernate

I need to implement a content tree with context menu (add, delete, edit) in JSF 2.0. Please suggest me some components. The tree node should be an object like (Data, ID). ...

11. what is the best way to implement a livescroll

Please refer to the "RECENT ACTIVITY" in .. a new information pushes the existing info in a panel. Now my question is how this should ideally be implemented ? 1. By having ...

12. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sf/hibernate/HibernateException

I am developing a JSF webapp with Hibernate. I tested with a main class and I can insert in database, but I can't deploy my webapp to Glassfish. It always errors ...

13. Help me with best sites to learn JSF and JPA?

Am new to JSF and JPA can anyone guide me with best sites to learn both in a easy way. Am a beginner in both the topics. Thanks, Jayaramachandiran.

14. Audit trail for JSF application - Global valueChangeListener possible?

I am trying to implement an audit trail functionality for my web application that records:

  • lastModified (timestamp)
  • modifiedBy (user information)
  • userComment (reason for value change)
for each of my input fields (input fields are spread ...

15. How to set a web project using JPA?

I'm new with JPA so I need to set in my JSF 2 project. I'm using a GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1.1, Eclipse Java EE Developers. I already install the Hibernate ...

16. What is a good structure to a project with JSF 2 and JPA 2?

My idea is : I have a bean (UserBean) which have some attributes to help me validate before I set into the entity User. I'm doing that to reuse the validate ...

17. Can I access FacesContext inside Hibernate event listener?

Here is my scenario: I have my-jsf-app.war (JSF 1.2 application) and daos-and-entities.har (Hibernate 3.3.1) deployed to a JBOSSAS 5 server. What I want is to have some sort of change log in ...

18. Hibernate long conversation implementation

I’ll try to explain my problem more precisely I am using hibernate with jsf web application. On first load of page I load a database entry with its children and children of ...

19. Hibernate Generation Class

I am using a hibernate application to store data in Postgres database I have created HBM file from POJO. The table consist of ID which is bigserial identically it should be ...

20. JSF/JPA - Multiple Checkboxes

I'm trying to work at a Roles script in JSF. For my set-up I have the following JPA tags in the class UserType:

@JoinTable(name = "Usertype_Permissions",
joinColumns = {
    @JoinColumn(name ...

21. JSF and Hibernate

22. JSF + Hibernate - startup

Don't put too much importance on the fact that you're using JSF. There's not that much magic there. The old tried-and-true techniques still can generally be used. On the other hand, JSF does make it easier to tie some things together. Specifically, you can construct an application-scope bean that manages Hibernate and init things that way. I'm using JDO, which has ...

23. JSF With Hibernate

24. JSF with other technologies, Hibernate

Originally posted by Larry Nelson: How well does JSFs work with other technologies such as Hibernate, Struts or Spring? Hi Larry, Struts is the web application framework that came before JSF. The authors of the JSF spec recommend that if you are starting a new project you should prefer JSF over Struts. There is a Struts-JSF bridge, if you need to ...

25. How to integrate JSF and Hibernate

JSF doesn't cover database access, so I would develop the web front end in JSF irrespective of database layer. You would then access your database layer as Hibernate objects from within your backing beans. If you want to have a layer of independence so you can use something other than Hibernate, I would suggest you use a DAO type of facade. ...

26. How to use the JPA in JSF

Well the good thing is using JPA is the same no matter where you use it, becuase you are using JSF has no bearing on the matter. Your use of JPA will be in your Plain Old Java objects, and not in any jsp/html/xhtml pages. As far as how to set up JPA and use it, there are lots of tutorials ...

27. Hibernate

28. jsf/ jpa login application

29. help to create sample hibernate application

Well, how well do you know eclipse? If you know Eclipse, running Hibernate is as easy as putting the right jar files on the classpath, and then compling and running some code. Here's a simple tutorial that shows you how to use Hibernate without any IDE at all - just the JDK and the distribution files from Getting Started with ...

30. jsf with hibernate

32. How to implement "rating system" the best way? JSF + Hibernate

Hi, I would like to rate some items with score from 1 to 10, but item can be rated only once by one user. I have a user class and an item class. What would be the best solution for this problem? I use hibernate in my application. Do you know any ready to use solutions? I would be grateful for ...

33. jsf hibernate integration example

Yes you can use hibernate without Spring. However, it's a lot less fun. Spring automatically handles a lot of grunt work for you, including making sure that things are cleaned up properly. It helps with transaction control and normalizes error exceptions. Plus it makes code reuse and testing easier, since you can wire in alternate modules without having to change program ...

34. JSF + JPA how to use together

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Ramil! I was scratching my head over what you meant by "doing a simple impute", but then I realized you meant "input". "Impute" is a valid English word, although not that much used except maybe by lawyers these days. It is not recommended to try and use Domain Model (JPA) objects directly as JSF backing beans or ...

35. JSF + Hibernate

36. JSF + Hibernate best practice

Hello. I'm figuring out how to integrate Hibernate with JSF 2.0 and I'm curious what the best practice is, particularly for the beans. I'm using annotations to configure both hibernate and JSF. Currently I'm constructing it so that the JSF managed beans are being persisted with hibernate, with @Transient annotations on any getters that I don't want saved. Is this the ...

37. hiberante + jsf

38. java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError JSF 2

40. How to display large record in Web (JSF) with Hibernate ?

Hi all I am using JSF to display data in a dataTable and the size of the data in the table could be very large (> 50,000 records). Therefore, I need a way to pass the collection to the web layer and evict the object after display. Code: ...

41. Searching a Book about Hibernate, Struts (Tiles), JSF

Hey all, I spend a lot of time searching for books about Struts/JSF with Hibernate integration, but I found nothing. I started programming a small application. I'm able to map classes and so on, I'm not a bloody newbie in Hibernate. I also started a bit working with Struts and JSF, but noch very much. And now I'm serching for a ...

42. JSF - Hibernate

43. JSF and Hibernate

44. Hibernate and JSF

46. Q: SessionPerRequest with JSF navigation

47. noob question: Hibernate + JSF?

I'm just starting to look into using the JSF framework, and I'm a little confused about how Hibernate is meant to be integrated into my code. From what I understand, Hibernate is meant to load data from a database and make it available as Java objects (i.e. POJOs), and then save any changes in their state back to the database. So ...

48. pagination -> in hibernate or in JSF

Hello, I am in the middle of redesigning an enterprise app. One of the problems we had in our last design is that we used datasets, so a lot of the data was cached there for using up a lot of resources + refreshing other datasets when inserting to another one all this extra caching.. In the redesign I am using ...

49. Strange behavior in Hibernate - jsf , can you help me please

. . . <% try{ HibBean data = new HibBean(); Iterator i = data.getList().iterator(); Session sessionH = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory().getCurrentSession(); sessionH.beginTransaction(); . . (show data from database) ...

50. hibernate with jsf problem

51. Really need advice on good practice of JSF and Hibernate

Hi there, This is our first time to use Hibernate on our new project, but now we have some problem on the project organization. One of our co-workers insists to separate business layer (model and dao) and web beans into two projects. He put model and dao into a business layer project, and created a business.jar. Then put the jar into ...

52. Projections Help (using with JSf)

public List projectNames() { Criteria criteria = this.getSession().createCriteria(User.class) .setProjection( Projections.projectionList(Projections.projectionList() .add("user_ID")) .add("user_Name")) ); ...

53. Hibernate with Jsf

54. Any Idea on the Solutions for this JSF Hibernate Problem

Hi, Tnx hiwa...just the problem in ReportsBean. I just take away some unnecessary try-catch and found out it worked... My next problem is that : I can't displayed the queried value in the jsp. I tried to make this value a field of the object ReportsBean so I can call it up in the jsp page. Here's the jsp code:

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