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1. Hibernate - changing connection string during runtime

I have JSF + Hibernate app. During runtime, i need to change database, to which user is connected. For example, User can manually switch databases in my app, so app is ...

2. Hibernate+PostgreSQL throws JDBCConnectionException: Cannot open connection

I write an Test Java APP and it works right BUt this Web app throws an exception like that with to same cfg.xml file

<property name="hibernate.bytecode.use_reflection_optimizer">false</property>
<property name="hibernate.connection.autocommit">true</property>
<property name="hibernate.connection.release_mode">auto</property>
<property name="hibernate.current_session_context_class">thread</property>
<property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class">org.postgresql.Driver</property>
<property name="hibernate.connection.password">1234</property>
<property name="hibernate.connection.url">jdbc:postgresql://localhost/postgres</property>
<property ...

3. Hibernate Fails to Close Connection?

Is there any situation that hibernate fails to close the open connection??? I'm developing a JSF 2.0 application using Hibernate 3.2.5 and Oracle 10g express. After a fixed number of transactions, hibernate ...

4. question about handling loss of database connection in JSF app

I have a JSF app with the DAO layer implemented for Hibernate (also using Spring for transaction management). The problem I'm having is occasionally the database goes down and when this happens ...