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1. if data needed to be trim before going database which tier do you put it in

all data is required to be trimmed before going database. i currently use hibernate with JSF. where would you put this logic in? in hibernate entity bean,or JSF backing beans? what's pros and ...

2. JSF rerender data loaded from DB

I have data loaded from DB, when click a command button:

<h:commandButton value="Show article content and comments" action="#{dataBean.activateArticleContentView}" actionListener="#{dataBean.loadCurrentArticle}">
<f:attribute name="articleId" value="#{}"></f:attribute>

public class DataBean implements Serializable {



3. use jsf and jpa to show data from multiple tables (join)

I am attempting to learn about the java persistence API and java server faces and just completed the "Generating a JavaServer Faces 2.0 CRUD Application from a Database" tutorial and would ...

4. How to persist parent and child tree node data through JSF and hibernate

Dear dudes, I'm a novice to JSF and Hibernate Actually i want to create a tree structure where for each child node, i should have the parent node reference in my form and then when i save, i need to save the corresponding child node data in the database. node-1 node 1-1 node 1-11a node 1-2 node-2 node 2-1 node2-2 Whenever ...