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i have trouble with JPQL statement, i created NameQuery followed:

 @NamedQuery(name = "Cart.findExistCart", query = "SELECT c FROM Cart c WHERE  c.cartPK.userid = :userid AND c.cartPK.itemid = :itemid "),
in stateless ...

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I am using JPA 2.0 and hibernate to save some data in a data base and to update them in a later time. Data is entered through a JSF 2.0 ...

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I got stuck trying to make a ManyToMany cascading event to work. I've bean browsing through similar posts, but can't see where my code goes wrong, compared to others posts. I have ...

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Good evening, I can not change the result of my selectItem knowing that the result is a row in a datatable here is my update method in the bean: public String doUpdate() ...

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I have two class Group and Permission ,Group has a list of Permission when i try do add new permission to a group.I set new List of permission and commit ...

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I can't update my entity. I am using Hibernate and JSF 1.2 with Eclipse. This is my DAO:

public void updateTimesheet(Timesheet timesheet) {
And this is the bean:
public String doUpdate() ...