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1. What is the namespace to use for adding JSP taglib support into facelets pages?

Something like the following

seems to not work, any hint? alternatively how can I inject beans into JSF lifecycle flow at startup without the filter usage?

2. redirect from jsf?

I am working on application with jsp, jstl and jsf for my college project, thats being said, I am as well very new to jsf. Everything is going great so far. However, ...

3. Display single record from database in JSP page through Java Servlet based on GET parameter, how?

I have a servlet that correctly returns the data I want from the database when it's doGet() method is called. I would like the doGet() to populate a java bean, ...

4. Using BlazeDS with jsf, jsp frontend

i wonder if i could set up a jsf bean that is capable of connecting to the BlazeDS Application within a tomcat server. My problem is that i have already a ...

5. jsp page not able to call java bean