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1. Passing parameters between JSPs

Please bear with me here, I'm a student and new to Java Server Pages. If I'm being a complete idiot, can someone give me a good link to a tutorial on ...

2. How to pass url parameters to JSF?

I haven't managed to find a way to pass parameters to JSF/JSP web pages through url parameters. http://.../jsfApp.jsp?param1=value1&param2=value2 Could someone point me at the right direction with this? Thanks!

3. JSP form parameters disappear when I POST my form to another page

If I leave the action attribute out of my form so it posts back to the same JSP I have no trouble reading the request parameters. However when I add ...

4. Why isn't my JavaServer Faces message parameter rendering?

I have a file which contains:

success_text=How cool... You have guessed the number.  {0} is correct! 
I have a JSP which contains:
        <h:outputText ...