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1. conditional check in c:if always fails

The c:if test always fails for me and it never gets inside the loop. I am using the following namespaces

The string ('array') to be split is "Tom and Jerry are GAP1 ...

2. Can I specify conditional rendering of an element inside ui:repeat

I am trying to building custom list using ui:repeat but on every occurrence of -1 as item-value in list, I need to add a line break. I tried out the following code ...

3. include a jsp as a header based on a condition inJSF

I'm using JSF-2.0 and I'm trying to include a jsp as a header for my current jsp.But all i want is the included jsp should be altered based on the login ...

4. Conditional Rendering JSF Example Posted

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7. JSTL test condition not evaluating properly?

Welcome to the JavaRanch, Brannan! JSTL does not mix well with JSF and should be avoided. There's also no need for JSTL, since JSF can do everything that JSTL could anyway except for some things that are not good MVC to begin with, like coding business logic on the web page itself. The JSF solution to your problem is actually a ...