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1. How to put "new line" in JSP's Epression Language?    stackoverflow.com

What would be right EL expression in JSP to have a new line or HTML's <br/>? Here's my code that doesn't work and render with '\n' in text.

<af:outputText value="#{msg.TCW_SELECT_PART_ANALYSIS}\n#{msg.TCW_SELECT_PART_ANALYSIS2}"/>

2. how to access a EL variable and pass it as an argument to a function in EL?    stackoverflow.com

I want to call a function on a bean with an argument passsed to it in jsp using EL. The problem is it does not allow something like: "${teacherBean.certificationFor(${particularField})" the thing is i want ...

3. JSF, JSTL and EL - use c:set to set a non-string value    stackoverflow.com

Whenever doing <c:set var="name" value="1" />, #{name} is always a String as evidenced by #{name.class}. Is there any way to in a JSF/Facelets context to set a scoped attribute that is ...

4. invoke javax.el.MethodExpression from jsf component    stackoverflow.com

Hello gurus
I have a jsp tag wich takes a javax.el.MethodExpression as attribute:

<%@ attribute name="action" required="true" type="javax.el.MethodExpression" rtexprvalue="true" %>

within the same tag i have:
<h:commandLink action="#{action}">
    link text
I'm getting the ...

5. How to set precision for EL division on JSF    stackoverflow.com

How can I set precision for such EL result?

<h:outputText value="#{businessPlanPreviewBean.plan.a1 != 0 ?
 businessPlanPreviewBean.plan.a2/businessPlanPreviewBean.plan.a3 : 0 } " >
I tried <f:convertNumber maxFractionDigits="2" /> but no luck... <f:convertNumber pattern="#,##" /> - the same ...

6. How to access Map in JSF    stackoverflow.com

I have try to access the map in jsf using C:foreach.But i can't access that in jsf by using"#" symbol.But i can access it using "$" symbol.But i need to access ...

7. Difference between JSP EL, JSF EL and Unified EL    stackoverflow.com

HI, I would like to know the detailed difference between the Expression Languages(EL). There is JSP EL, JSF EL and Unified EL. I would like to know the history behind the EL and ...

8. Using with an enumeration    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSP portlet that needs to display different markup according to the value of a bean's property which is of an enumeration type

public enum State {

9. Need for custom tags in JSF and JSTL/El    stackoverflow.com

Why do we need to use custom tags in JSF and JSTL/EL even though there are sufficient in-built tags (HTML or otherwise) are provided? What are the applications and usages of ...