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1. JSF web page include

I am currently working on a JAVA web application using JSF, Facelets, JSTL and EL. I have 10 pages that need to include some HTML and Javascript that I have placed ...

2. How to include a JSP page in a Facelets page?

I am using Myfaces 2 on Facelets. I have to include a JSP page in a Facelet page. I tried using <ui:include> but it takes only XHTML pages. I also tried using <c:import> and ...

3. How include page in JSF?

i'm new in jsf, i would like to know how i can reuse others .jsf pages without 'copy paste' them. In .jsp i do:

// head.jsp 
<head> ... </head>

// top.jsp
<body> ... </body>

Then i ...

4. Include a single jsp file multiple times

Ok, so basically I have a jspf template file with a backing FragmentBean that I want to include multiple times in the same request page scope. When I include this template ...

5. jsp:param not working inside jsp:include and JSF

I tried all I could figure out, as well as researched the issue. So I'd appreciate any help. I have a jsp:include with a jsp aram inside a jsf component h anelGrid. The problem is that the param is not being passed to the included jsf page. It seems it should be a straightforward issue, but it's not to me. p.s. ...

6. including a jsp file in a panelGrid tag

Based on the thread, I have developed my code for radiobuttons. When one radiobutton selected, one page shows up and other selected other page shows up. When I run this application, it says portlet unavailable. Instead of include file tag under each panelGrid tag,if some component is placed the code works fine. i.e when first is clicked, grid1 shows up ...

7. jsf in a jsp:include doesn't work?

I think the issue here is that the include doesn't issue or create an http request. Thus it isn't filtered through the faces servlet. Hence your .jsf isn't read by the servlet as it is included. Then if you include the jsf in the jsp, but then call the the itest.jsp instead of itest.jsf it doesn't get filtered by the servlet ...

10. Including JSF pages in a JSP page

11. jsp:include in JSF

12. jsp:include in JSF JSP

13. Hoto include JSP page in JSF

14. how to include jsp page in jsf

16. including jsp

17. Including JSF pages in a JSP page

I need to include a JSF page with all faces-components in my JSP page. I have used the tag to include the JSF page, but the JSF components are not being rendered. Only the text present in the JSF page is being rendered. Could someone advice me on how to overcome this problem....? Also the output is very variable ...

18. Can't use in my JSF page !!!!

19. Include JSP/JSF pages into other JSP/JSF pages

Hi all, I am currently working on an icefaces-based web app and I would like to achieve the following: I have page A which includes pages B, C, and D as the contents of panel tabs (ice:panelTab). To do so I use the ui:include element where ui points to the JSF Facelets namespace. Page A starts with the usual following code: ...

20. include jsp file in programmatic JSF