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1. Issues working with JSF redirect and WebTrends

On our new platform we are utilizing JSF. Our WebTrends tags are not reflecting the proper page title on this platform. It currently is displaying the name of the ...

2. Redirecting using jstl core Redirect

I want user to be redirected if the value I am checking in c:if is evaluated to true. For redirecting, I am using c:redirect url="url". But it is not redirecting me ...

3. Redirect side effects when using browser back button

We are using:

  • JSF 1.2-1.2_07-b03-FCS
  • JSTL 1_1-mr2 (special build)
  • Java 1.6.0_22-b04
  • Eclipse 3.6.0 (Helios)
  • Tomcat 6.0.28 (needs to run also on Weblogic)
  • IE 7.0.5730.13
  • Firefox: 6.0
We have mainForm.jsp, filterForm.jsp, and externalForm.jsp views. There is a button "Filter" on mainForm.jsp ...

4. Redirect *.jsp to custom servlet?

5. redirect issue with jsf / jsp

Hi, I am trying to forward the request from a jsp page to JSF page. I tried the c:redirect tag and it worked fine, but since the forward was from a plain JSP to JSF i think the faces context was not getting executed and its messing up my application. Can someone help me with any alternate solution. I tried the ...