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1. jsf submit button not wrking

I am using hx:commandExButton of IBM Faces Client Framework to call my method. But the method is not getting called. But if I use immediate="true" it's getting called. But as you ...

2. tr:inputText submitting value 0 instead of null

We are using a tr:inputText in a JSP page and when there is no value written in the inputText the form is submitting a 0 instead of null. We are using ...

3. Problem with JSF form submit

public class MyBackingBean{

private List model;

public String search(){
  //change model data
  model = doSearch();
  return "same_view"

public void init(){
  model = loadDefault()

//Other code omitted for clarity
And in JSP, for ...

4. Submit Listener Method in the BackBean is not getting invoked

My result tables/images will be displayed in the same page. But the submit button is not invoked. I have two drop downs on which the values of the other two drop ...

5. How to submit and forward to a new link

I'm trying to submit the page and forward to a new JSP. h:outputlink will only send me to a new link without submitting the page. h:commandlink requires me to implement a backing bean ...

7. How to set the focus or navigate to the top of the JSP after submit ?

If you're submitting the entire View (non-AJAX), the entire webpage should be replaced, and by default that will be rendered from the top down the screen. However, if you're doing an AJAX submit, only part of the display would be re-rendered and therefore the page would not scroll. To force it to scroll, you would have to use JavaScript, I'm afraid. ...