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1. How do I get the scope attribute on my table headers when using MyFaces 1.1?

I'm using MyFaces 1.1.7 with Facelets and Tomahawk. When creating a regular data table, like:

<h:dataTable value = "#{}" var = "row">
        <f:facet ...

2. jsf 2.0 composite components - how to modify outer beans / attributes

I am just learning JSF 2 and playing with simple custom components. Imagine an ajax enabled custom component with two inputText fields:

    <composite:attribute name="domId" required="true" />

3. how to render id attribute for tomahawk htmltag

I am programmatically creating a HtmlTag, I assign the id ... but I see the generated html does not generate the "id" attribute and the id on the client need to ...