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1. JSF - How do I implement a JavaScript "Are you sure?" prompt for a

In my JSF 1.2 webapp I have a page with a <h:commandButton> that invokes an action method on a backing bean. This action will cause data to be removed/replaced in the ...

2. IllegalArgumentException when adding h:commandButton with f:param to h:dataTable

Currently I'm using a datatable to display some items out of a database. Works fine.

<h:dataTable border="1" value="#{overviewBean.loadContent }" var="item" first="0" >
    <h:column id="column1">

3. f:param doesn't work with h:commandButton

i'm using eclipse 3.6.2 (Helios) , Tomcat 7 , MyFaces 1.2.9 i have no problem when i use f:param into the h:commandLink but when i put f:param into h:commandButton it doesn't work ...