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1. Seam: How do you use converters to derive a value from a page param?

I simply want to convert a URL param for the navigation, e.g. 2010, to a String like "Season 2010/11". I thought of a converter, used like:

<ui:define name="navigation">

2. JSF page conversion error

<h:selectOneListbox id="proj" value ="#{studentEController.gekozenProject}">
  <f:selectItems value="#{studentEController.projecten}"></f:selectItems>
This is my code in the JSF page and this is my code in the managedBean StudentEController.
private List<ProjectE> projecten;
private ProjectE gekozenProject;
so as you can see, they ...

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4. Need advice for converting this page to JSF

FYI - I'm using Glassfish w/ the JSF 1.2 RI...but this should be a straightforward question regardless. I have a page w/ a rather strange layout that I had previously written w/ a Servlet+JSP using RequestDispatcher...the old-skool MVC approach. I'd now like to convert it to JSF since we're using that more these days but I'm having a tough time figuring ...

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