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I am having list of values in the datatable and click the one row link it will go to another page dropdown as current value and as well as need to ...

2. How to make dropdown current value from previous page link value?    stackoverflow.com

I am having list of values(jsf datatable) , there is link to go to another page .In the next page has dropdown with current value what ever we select in the ...

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I'm new to JSF, I read the JSF life cycle but couldn't understand how to achieve this? I've a controller say "Cities" and other controller "Countries". Now I'm going to create ...

4. How do I have the cursor placed in a dropdown field on page load using jsf?    stackoverflow.com

when I load a page , the cursor must point to drop-down field , using jsf.I am new to JSF.

5. Getting the selected drop down value in the next page    coderanch.com

This is what I did... In the action method on the page1 bean I created the bean that is used for page2 Page2Bean pg2 = (Page2Bean )fc.getApplication().createValueBinding("#{page2}").getValue(fc); where page2 is the managed bean name. You should create a binding on page2 to a corresponding property in the Page2Bean. You then modify this property to reflect the changes on page2