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1. Allowing users to upload a jasperReport file and then compile it through a JSF page

I've been searching online for weeks now for a decent tutorial to help me with a JSF app I am working on I need to allow users to upload Jasper Reports (.jasper ...

2. What contract is between URL bar address and page/file/action in JSF web app?

I see that address is not changed after going to second page (file) through bean action.

3. How to load a JSF page after file upload?

what i want is to load another page after performing a fileUpload. I tried to put this code in the bean which process the fileupload:

return "<JSF Page Name>?faces-redirect=true"
but still no luck...

6. Retrieving file path from JSF page drops info

Java 1.6.0_22-b03 JSF 1.2 JSTL 1.2 Eclipse 3.6.0 (Helios) Tomcat 6.0.28 IE 7.0.5730.13 Firefox: 3.6.12 JSP/JSF page fileops.jsp has: Input field with a browse button Command button Backing bean has: public String ...