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1. JSF: How to redirect a user to a another page according to the value of a specific FacesContext session attribute

In my JSF application, I need to redirect the user from Page A to page B if a session attribute such as userRole has a value of "contributor", and to a ...

2. JSF Cascading Style Sheet not applied when page redirected via listener

I have the follwing listener used via f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{sessionCheck.loginVerify}"/ in my jsf page:

public void loginVerify() {
  try {
    ExternalContext    eCTX    ...

3. JSF2.1 different behavior ajax listener used in page with facelets or without facelets

If a commandButton with ajax support used in een .xhtml without facelets templates, the ajax listener has to be an attribute of the commandButton-tag. If used in conjunction with a template, ...