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1. How to go back to the previous page using JSF

I would like to implement a hyperlink leading to the respective previous page which should appear supplied with the same data used for its previous display (similar to the effect of ...

2. JSF navigation redirect to previous page

Once the user successful login to the system, the system will redirect the user to the homepage. Now my problem is, if the user clicks on the view account page without ...

3. how to go to previous page after some time delay in jsf

<script type="text/javascript">
function goBack(){
setTimeout(function previous()
 { location.href="/dataprod/application/myprofile/profile_contactus.faces";
 }, 3000);  

<h:commandButton value="Send Mail to"
   action="#{ContactUs.sendMail}" styleClass="button" onClick="goBack()"/>

4. Tracking previous page in JSF

I want to find out the previous page from where the current page is called. Based on the previous page I want to enable or disable a particular component. Can anybody ...

5. Continuation-Style Navigation with JSF - Return to Previous Page

I'm doing a site which has a "register" link on every page, to allow the user to register at any time. When the user clicks this link they are taken to a ...

8. Going back to previous page

Hi I was wondering if there's an easy or popular way to solve the problem of going back to previous page in JSF. Javascript's history.back() is not always good, because page can expiry or I can make an action which will reload current page and pressing button will get me back to the same one. My pages can be accessed from ...

9. Going back to the previous page

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