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1. How to reload a JSF page from a ValueChangeEvent?

I have a selectonemenu where a change in the selection should navigate the user to the related page. So, how do I simulate the action handling of a commandbutton using a selectonemenu ...

2. Don't reload page header in JSF page

I'm working on a jsf project, and I have several xhtml pages which use the same template. The template contains the layout and the page header. I would like to know ...

3. How to stop JSF reload page "onclick"?

I get result to JavaScript from native NPAPI/XPCOM/ActiveX. Previously user activate native GUI by:

   <h:commandLink styleClass="send-doc-link" value="#{msg.send}"
       onclick="javascript:signDocument('data');return true;"

4. Submitting a JSF2 form does not reload the collection on the same page

JSF 2.0 (mojarra) application. I have a very trivial form for adding an item

    #{msg['add custom title']}:<br />

5. JSF page reload on select of selectBooleanCheckbox

Thanks for your kind help. I tried both options. Option1: window.location = window.location; This is taking me to my first page, and not refreshing the current page, as at that time the URL was not set to current page. Option2: form.submit() is working fine, but its doing some mandatory field validation, which should be skipped for page refresh. Is there any ...

6. Reload tab with new page