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1. How to create in-page configuration. Via c:set?

I've got a web application that I need to be able to configure parts of from a JSF page. So for example, imagine my application was split into several smaller ...

2. How do you use Seam page parameters?

I have a bunch of Seam form pages; each has a command button that calls a sendEmail() method in a custom utility class. The method looks like this:

public String sendEmail(String mailFile) ...

3. JBoss Seam: In ScopeType.PAGE I get: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No conversation context active

I have a page-scoped component, which has an instance variable List with data, which I display in a datatable. This datatable has pagination, sorting and filtering. The first time gate into the ...

4. Is it normal that conversationId keeps increasing after each page request?

Hi I'm building a Seam application and have a question: I got a stateless session bean (default seam scope) with a delete and a select method. A page which contains a datamodel loads ...

5. How to insert JSF page rendering time and response size into the page itself, at least partially?

I realize it's a chicken and egg problem and that it's not possible to accurately resolve the time it took to render a page (or the size of response) and insert ...

6. Seam Page Action Not Being Called

I've got a page that displays an entity, but before rendering the page I need to perform a lookup of the entity based on a parameter that is passed in. ...

7. In a Jboss Seam app, how do I make sure every exception results in a custom error page?

I already have the following declared in my pages.xml :

    <http-error error-code="500" />
and this in my web.xml :
Still, sometimes ...

8. Page navigation / Render response phase is ignored when response contains a file

JSF/Seam. I have a page which accepts some parameters supplied by the user via a form, and then (when the user clicks a button on the page) the server generates a ...

9. Redirecting another page when the page loading in Seam Framework

I am developing Seam application. There is a special scenario for newly created users. When the user account is created by admin, he should change password in first login so I ...

10. How to make JSF / Seam pages accessible without JavaScript

I'm currently checking a complex web application for accessibility without JavaScript. We heavily rely on JSF and Seam to render the pages and I'm more than annoyed about the overall behaviour ...

11. CDI/Weld - how to handle browser page refresh after ending conversation?

In the very early days of using CDI I'm navigating to a page with a long running conversation active using faces-redirect=true, so I have a URL like ..myPage.xhtml?cid=1. At some point I end ...

12. How to save JSF textbox contents after page refresh?

What is the easiest way to save text that users type into the following JSF HTML textbox, so that the text stays in the textbox even after the page is refreshed ...

13. How can I make a single https request (loginbox on every page) in JSF/SEAM?

I can't imagine that its too hard but I haven't been able to figure it out: We have a JSF 1.2 / Seam2 application with a little login box in the header ...

14. Saving User Input in a JBoss Seam Web Project web page

I have a question for any JBoss Seam developers out there: I am creating a web project using JBoss Seam by generating entities and reverse-engineering code from existing database tables. This ...

15. How to redirect page request by user loggedin

I am developing a site with Seam 3 and JBoss 7. I'm using Seam security and JSF. The front page of the site has the login controls. When the user enters ...

16. Maintaining state between pages in seam

I have a xhtml page with Search criteria and search results. Clicking on search button will dynamically update the results on the same page. I have a controller for search/results xhtml ...

17. JSF/Seam Validate and re-direct to new page

I have a JSF 1.2 / Seam 2.2.2 application. I have button and on click of the button, I run validations on the objects in current page, query for some dependent ...

18. ClassCastException when rendering JSF page after long runni...

I'm getting this ClassCastException error after a long running query in which works just fine when querying subset data. It doesn't seem to appear as TM is timing out so I'm not sure what's happening. It seems though that during JSF rendering cycle it couldn't find the right object when referencing it thru EL or it found it from the wrong ...

19. getting jsf param value in another page

i have a link and a param like that. When i clicked this link main.xhtml page displays. in main.xhtml page i want to get param value of the link and use it in selectedPanel tag in rich panelBar as shows in above. How can i get ...

20. how to display all XHTML files in jsf page

21. How to use constants in jsf pages ?

22. JSF action versus seam page action

23. open a pop up windows page with seam and jsf

24. Page actions dont work with JSF and Seam 2

Page actions dont work with JSF and Seam 2 28. May 2010, 12:55 America/New_York | Link varun ss Did anyone tried with JSF 2 , Seam 2 and pageFlow. I am getting a nullpointer exeption16:15:41,226 ERROR [SeamPhaseListener] swallowing exceptionjava.lang.NullPointerException at org.jboss.seam.pageflow.Pageflow.validatePageflow( at org.jboss.seam.jsf.SeamPhaseListener.postRestorePage( ...

26. Page Redirect NOT as a result of JSF Action

27. Rendering JSF pages on the server

28. what is the preferred way to load smth before the jsf page ...

@Stateful @Name("blogAction") @Scope(EVENT) public class BlogAction implements BlogActionLocal { private static final int ONE_PAGE_LIMIT = 5; @In private EntityManager entityManager; @Out private Blog blog; public void loadBlog(Long blogId) { blog = entityManager.find(Blog.class, blogId); } @SuppressWarnings({"unchecked"}) public List getEntries() { return entityManager .createQuery("select be from BlogEntry be " + "where = #{} " + "order by be.postDate desc") .setMaxResults(ONE_PAGE_LIMIT) .getResultList(); } ...

29. Seam page action and JSF phase listener

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