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1. How to use ui:include inside a forEach and use the loop variable inside the included page?

I'm upgrading to JSF 2.0.2 inside Tomcat 7.0.12 and I have a page with a variable number of reusable widgets on it. I used to use t:aliasBean for this purpose, but ...

2. Defining and reusing variable in JSF page

Is it possible to define variable and reuse the variable later in EL expressions ? For example :

What i have in mind is something like ...

3. JSF - variable set of params based on postback

In this post, the excellent BalusC pointed out the use of <c:forEach> to get the parameters at build time. The Code I have a more complicated version of that with a variable ...

4. How to access static variable directly from jsf page

Hi, I have a class which declares number of static variables used in application. Now I want to use these values in my jsf page. To do this I declared my class as a managed bean in faces-config.xml bgaUtility BGAUtility request Now when I try to access it in my jsf page using I am ...