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1. Auto logon on SEAM + JSF    stackoverflow.com

My webapp needs to auto-login when the user access the app url: example:


on my pages.xml i have the following:
<pages xmlns="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pages"

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I just finished the Netbeans introduction to Hibernate tutorial ( http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/web/hibernate-webapp.html#01 ) and I am getting the following error: "This page calls for XML namespace declared with prefix br but ...

3. Issue with JSF ViewExpiredException and multiple error-page tag definitions in web.xml    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a JSF web application in which I need to bring up a "Session Expired" page if the view expires, but a general technical error page for all others. ...

4. Preferred way to set up a JSF start page?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using JSF 2.0 to build a website. Eclipse generated the following web.xml file

    <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>
So to view my application ...

5. Prevent the user from making a GET request to a page    stackoverflow.com

I am sorry if my question does not make any sense. So here is what I have: 2 pages, A.jsf and B.jsf. When I press a button in A.jsf, the code ...

6. Warning: This page calls for XML namespace declared with prefix [tagname] but no taglibrary exists for that namespace    stackoverflow.com

I've declared the Facelet view template as follows:

<ui:composition template="./templates/master.xhtml"

  <ui:define name="content">
    <h:panelGroup rendered="#{!current.hasLoggedIn()}">      

7. Error Page configuration in web.xml for JSF application    stackoverflow.com

I have tried to configure error page in web.xml using error-page element, but the error page is never shown rather the exceptions are thrown out in raw form to the user ...

8. Preventing access to a jspx page from browser    stackoverflow.com

I created a test.jspx file under WEB-INF and I am trying to access it via a servlet by a request dispatcher, but I am getting java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find FacesContext. The web.xml mapping ...

9. JSF 1.2 : Routing the errors to the proper error pages    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Issue with JSF ViewExpiredException and multiple error-page tag definitions in web.xml

10. JSF Navigation Rule changes redirect page to .xhtml instead of .fcc    stackoverflow.com

I have searched the site but can't find anything related to my issue. When a user clicks "log out", I am trying to redirect a user to a page that ends in ...

11. web.xml error-pages are not working, why?    stackoverflow.com

I'm running out of ideas by now, and don't know what else to try. The point is not even one error-page is working, I just would like to know, what am ...

12. Custom 500 error page using JSF - is the full error message available?    stackoverflow.com

In my web.xml the 500 error is handled by a JSF page:

If the container handles a 500 error and calls this JSF page, ...

13. How to implement JSF navigation between two pages without using navigation-case in faces-config.xml    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a another way of JSF navigation other than mentioning navigation-cases in faces-config.xml. At present i am using faces-config.xml to navigate. I want to clean it up. Please suggest all ...

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17. action is not going to facesconfig.xml from login page    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have a login page with text box and command buttton. After clicking the button it is not navigating to the page which I wanted.I would appreciate if you have any answers fore this problem code in jsp looks like this: <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" prefix="f"%> <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" prefix="h"%> <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1" %>