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1. Centering a gmap

I am developing a solution to map the locations of a person in the field when submitting data via a mobile application. All data submitted from the mobile application is send to ...

2. Center the dialog on client side

Hello everybody, I have a Wizard inside a dialog, which works really fine. The problem is, the tabs of the wizards have a different height. Additionally, my first tab is the ...

3. Strange behavior of nested

Hello, I use the Component for my Page Layout. I use a sidebar for Navigation. I have split the Center again in a and When i ...

4. p:layout "center" height question

HI All, I have a problem with the size of content that goes into the "center" layoutUnit. I would like to have the content height expanded to the height of the ...

5. Reliable methods for centering a p:gmap?

28 Jul 2011, 20:40 by healeyb Reliable methods for centering a p:gmap? Getting a google map to center correctly seems to be a moving target, especially as a cross browser solution. ...

6. setting center of gmap from DB

02 Aug 2011, 09:31 by birayalp.sen setting center of gmap from DB Hi, I need help about setting center of gmap from DB. I have 2 xhtml pages, 1DB table and ...

7. bug? gMap not centering correctly

Hi All, I've created a map and added a marker to the same coordinates used for the center... so I should see the map with the marker on the center... instead ...

8. p:gmap update model and/or center

18 Aug 2011, 17:17 by frozone p:gmap update model and/or center Hi there, I'm really stuck right now at a certain point with the gmap. Maybe someone of you had the ...

9. Dock into layout halign="center" fails

>> << escomvicto Posts: 5 Joined: 27 Aug 2011, 00:29 27 Aug 2011, 00:39 by escomvicto Dock into layout halign="center" fails HI, I hava a dock into a center frame in ...

10. Center align items in a menubar

Hi, I'm new to primefaces and I would like to know the easiest way to go about center aligning the items in a menubar? I'm currently using primefaces 2.2.1. Thanks

11. Dialog does not show screen center, position problem

23 Nov 2011, 12:27 by hakan.aslim Dialog does not show screen center, position problem I use primefaces version 3.0.M4 if I open a dialogue with the other in a dialogue, the ...

12. center layout change dynamically

12 Dec 2011, 10:16 by gourav center layout change dynamically I have three layout in full page . That is north west , center . I have tree in west layout ...

13. [BUG] gmap center attribute does not takes country names

The google api does take Country names such as "germany" for their center attribute see, but there seems to be an error since the map does not work in primefaces using ...

14. howto put growl in the top center ?

15. How can i change the page showed in the center?

26 Apr 2010, 18:30 by marcelo How can i change the page showed in the center? Hi, i have a side-bar menu made with the p:menu and p:menuitem components it's inside ...

16. New Layout - Loading center content

Hi Now that Layout has moved from jQuery layout to YUI layout, is there a best practice way to load content into the center pane when clicking on links in the ...

17. Menubar (In "Top") hidden behind "Center" section

>> << padjester Posts: 27 Joined: 19 May 2010, 17:04 29 Jun 2010, 12:16 by padjester Menubar (In "Top") hidden behind "Center" section Hi there Thank you for this insightful forum. ...

18. align:center for carousel is possible?

I'm trying to align p:carousel on center but it stay only left. I tried to use into of p:panel with text-align:center but doesn't work. h:panelGrid with text-align:center but doesn't work. what's ...

20. How to center the header text of Panel?

Try firebug to see why it doesn't work. You can also change styles on the fly with firebug. It is the absolute tool to deal stuff like these.

21. Menubar Rendering Below Left and Center LayoutUnits

>> << Chris55 Posts: 46 Joined: 09 Jan 2010, 18:56 26 Oct 2010, 18:15 by Chris55 Menubar Rendering Below Left and Center LayoutUnits Hi Everyone, It appears that my Menubar MenuItems ...

22. Centering image in using


23. p:dialog - How can I center the dialog when it is displayed?

10 Dec 2010, 03:38 by burferd p:dialog - How can I center the dialog when it is displayed? When I started using PF2.1, I noticed the dialog no longer centers in ...

24. Help with Layout usage - Updating center layoutUnit

14 Feb 2011, 17:06 by jp_2011 Help with Layout usage - Updating center layoutUnit Hello everyone, I'm trying to learn more about PrimeFaces 2.2 with JSF 2 and am having a ...

25. Client-side API to center a dialog

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