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1. JSF: weird behavior when clear inputTextArea with ajax

Here is what I have

<h:inputTextarea id="comment" rows="3" cols="50" value="#{bean.comment}" /><br/>
<p:commandButton value="Comment" actionListener="#{bean.postMessage}" update="comment"/>
so postMessage() persist data, then set the the value of comment to empty like this
Work great. When I press ...

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I have an inputtextarea but the text area is not aligned correctly with the label, while the rest of fields in the form are aligned. The text area appears under the label. This ...

3. PrimeFaces.widget.InputTextarea is not a constructor


4. InputTextArea align

Hello, I have an inputtextarea but the text area is not aligned correctly with the label, while the rest of fields in the form are aligned. The text area appears under ...

5. Problem in using . Nothing shown

6. Validating inputTextarea length

This doesn't seem to work at all. Neither does or

8. spell checker for

03 Dec 2011, 11:52 by dreddy spell checker for Hi All I have a requirement of performing automatic spell check in an input text area. When user enters any thing ...

9. inputTextArea component's max length small issue

I am currently using PrimeFaces v3.0.RC1 with JSF 2.1 and GlassFish 3.1.1. If I intentionally copy and paste text in the inputTextArea component, the actual submitted text can be longer than ...

10. h:inputTextarea & p:ajax

Hi, is there a way to catch a "paste" event with p:ajax in a h:inputTextarea? I want to display first a normal text input area and when the customer has paste ...

11. Bug for p:menubar with h:inputTextarea

11 Dec 2010, 14:45 by csfreebird Bug for p:menubar with h:inputTextarea Hello,I found one bug when using p:menubar and h:inputTextarea.The click event of menuitem doesn't call my manged bean's event method. ...

12. p:editor like h:inputTextArea

Hello there, I`m having some trouble with p:editor. It is rendering like h:inputTextArea. I`m using Primefaces 2.2 RC2. Does anyone has the solution for that, please ? Ty

13. h:inputTextarea not render value in p:dataGrid

h:inputTextarea not render value in p:dataGrid, but textarea render. Code:

14. New Feature suggestion: Enhance inputtextarea

I do agree with MnDot_Lance since there are features that are so common in using . At least, provide with option to turn on these attributes. Thanks

15. watermark failure with new inputTextarea

16. inputtext inputtextarea sam theme glitches

primergy tx300 s6, 1xE5620, SAS raid 1 6g, 22GB ram ubuntu 11.04, postgres glassfish 3.1, mojarra 2.1, ejb 3, hibernate 3.6, primefaces 2.2.1, richfaces 4 final

18. p:inputTextarea is not shown properly when loaded with text

but still, why the scroll didn't show up - its not like the p:inputTextarea expanded to the needed size, it still haven't showed the entire text, it didn't resize to the ...

19. p:inputTextarea component interface

The new p:inputTextarea component interface does not include the label attribute and requires the autoResize, effectDuration, and maxHeight attributes. At least Netbeans 6.9 is underlining the facelet tag and indicating as ...

20. Attempt to replace p:inputTextarea with p:editor - weird...

Hi I had a p:inputTextarea which content was replaced by selecting item from h:selectOneMenu that fire p:ajax... All work very well here's the code: Code: ...