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1. How to assign value to array in backing bean JSF 2.0

I have this new problem. I have the following code in JSF 2.0 with Primefaces 2.2.1:

<h:selectOneMenu id="cmbRole8" value="#{myWorkflow.posToInsert[7]}" >
    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select a position..." itemValue="-1" />

2. how to move a variable's value from jsf's bean page (i.e, to another java class?

how to move a variable's value from jsf's bean page (i.e, to another java class? when i tried to do that, the value assinged to the variable in the ...

3. Clear an input after an ajax call

I have the following jsf code for a primefaces input, which is being populated by a bar code scanner. After each scan I need to do something in the bean clear ...

4. Changing variable from DataTable in Dialog

I have a question about updating variable inside dataTable component, which was sended to dialog component. I want to have dialog box with options. There are informations about user (user data editing). ManageUsers ...

5. Passing data from java bean to javascript

hello I have data set in List type. I was wondering how I could pass this data from java bean to javascript? kind regards Ahmet Temiz

6. constructing a Dialog in java bean

Don't forget to call the addChild method of the Component you want to add the newly created instance to. Hint: with the binding attribute, standard to all jsf components including PrimeFaces, ...

7. dynamic components in javabean

17 Sep 2009, 15:15 by alecindro dynamic components in javabean I need create dynamic components in javabean, but it dont rendering in web page. My code: MyPage: Code:

8. Opening a dialog from java bean

Dear all: I was wondering how can i open a primefaces's dialog from the java bean?? What i need is that when the user press a command button, inside the method ...