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1. When will PF 3.0 M2 arrive? Roadmap for 3.0?

2. Primefaces roadmap

I would like to know about PF 3.0 final release date, but the roadmap shows that it's not defined yet. Thank you for information.

3. Roadmap ?

Hello Cagatay, I would like to ask about the roadmap What is the timeline (approximately) for the next 1.0.1 / 2.0.1 release? The next question - do we really need ...

4. PrimeMobile Roadmap?

5. Roadmap

6. Short Term Roadmap

Dear PrimeFaces Community, I'd like to share the upcoming enhancements in short term. 19th July: Release of 1.1.RC1 and 2.1.RC1 26th July: Release of 1.1 and 2.1 1.1 is the last ...

7. 2.2 RoadMap

Dear all, We've done some changes in our roadmap for 2.2; First we will release the 2.2.M1 at the beginning of september followed by M2 at the end of september. Hopefully ...

8. Is somewhere available roadmap for 2.2.RC1?

9. Primefaces portlet support and roadmap

Hi I am new with Primefaces. I've only navigated the showcase and it seems terrific. I've been using other JSF frameworks and now I'm switching to portlets with Liferay and JSF ...