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1. JSF 2 with PrimeFaces: Incell-Editing, no updated object in RowEditEvent parameter

I'm using Mojarra 2.0.3 on Tomcat 6.0 with Primefaces 2. I got a dataTable and want to make it incell-editable. Everything works fine, but my rowEditListener with the parameter "RowEditEvent event" returns ...

2. dataTable - get the new object instead of the old object - RowEditEvent, primefaces

public void onEditRow(RowEditEvent event) {

    // old object (Cast) event.getObject();
    How to get the values for the new object?

3. PrimeFaces 3.0.M1 : RowEditEvent give me the Old value !

30 May 2011, 02:56 by jdeveloper PrimeFaces 3.0.M1 : RowEditEvent give me the Old value ! Hi i'm using primefaces 3.0.M1 and try to use in cell editing datatable as follow ...

4. Incell-Editing, no updated object in RowEditEvent parameter

public void onEditRow(RowEditEvent event) { Nutzer nutzer = (Nutzer) event.getObject(); // Get object from event System.out.println(nutzer.toString()); // This prints the OLD data, ...

5. RowEditEvent Notification At Wrong Phase

The DataTable RowEditEvent notification is being delivered during the Apply Request Values phase. I'm expecting the notification to occur during the Invoke Application phase. Is this a bug?

6. DataTable RowEditEvent no getNewValue() and getOldValue()?

PrimeFaces 3.0M1, Sun Mojarra 2.0.4 FCS, Sun GlassFish JSTL 1.2, Apache Log4J 1.2.16, EclipseLink 2.1.1.v20100817-r8050, Eclipse Helios

7. RowEditEvent dont return value inputText

Hi, i an with a problem in a component DataTable using cellEditor, when i read a variable input return me the variable output, dont bring the value correct, bring me the ...