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1. Problem with colorpicker + ajax event

2. colorpicker Primefaces 3.x and ajax

3. Ajax support for ?

I was wondering if there were any plans to add Ajax support for the . It's a bummer to need a superfluous Submit button for the color picker on a page ...

4. p:colorPicker in Primesfaces 2.0.0

Hi, yeah, in the Showcase it's all fine. Is there another way to close the window instead of "x", something like an apply-button ? Cheerio, Ramo

6. [Bug] colorPicker inside Dialog not working

Hello, i noticed that if you put a inside a the colorPicker is not working. The colorPicker Button is visible but nothing happens if you click on it. Outside ...

7. colorpicker dialog panel gets appended to the body

03 Sep 2010, 10:18 by ingemar colorpicker dialog panel gets appended to the body Hello, I've a problem with the colorPicker: ...

8.  problem

Hello! I'm using several primeFaces components in my application, and everything works fine. But when I try to use a the resources: jquery/plugins/ui/jquery.ui.dialog.css jquery/plugins/ui/jquery.ui.button.css jquery/plugins/ui/jquery-ui.custom.js jquery/plugins/ui/jquery.ui.dialog.css jquery/plugins/ui/jquery.ui.button.css jquery/plugins/ui/jquery-ui.custom.js are not ...

9. colorpicker: a little problem in displaying

wow, a very quick reply. By the way if java.awt.Color is used then this component cannot be used on Google App Engine, right?

10. Problem when update a colorPicker from datatable

Hi, I'm newbie programming with primefaces. I want to select a Color from Datatable and load into a ColorPicker. When select in the datatable and update de color picker, this doesn't ...

11. ColorPicker is empty

Hey guys (and girls), i followed the showcase @ When i start my application everything seems to be fine, but when i click on one of the two colorPicker nothing ...

12. New colorPicker bug