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1. Primefaces: ImageCropper - Conversion Error Occur - croppedImage is null

First of all, I am using

Mojarra 2.0.4
Glassfish v.3.0.1
Primeface primefaces-2.2-1.jar
So I have a simple page that will try to crop an image, and when I try to click on a commandButton ...

2. Save CroppedImage

18 Jul 2011, 17:46 by Andre Froes Save CroppedImage Hello everyone, can someone help me with this issue?! I followed step-by-step in how to upload an image and then cropp it ...

3. CroppedImage byte[] always 0

I use JSF implementation: Mojarra V2.1.3 JSF component library: Primefaces V2.2.1 Server: GlassFish Open Source Edition V3.1.1 (build 12)