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1. how can I relate two selectManyListbox?

I'am using JSF2.0/primefaces ,I have two selectManyListbox

   <h:selectManyListbox   value="#{ToolsJIRA.selectedProjects}"  size="3">
      <f:selectItems value="#{ToolsJIRA.getMyListProject()}" ...

2. Error with two selectManyListbox

I have two selectManyListbox related(the second is generated accordind the first) ,but when I run the application an error occure: JSF:

<h:selectManyListbox   value="#{TestAjax.selectedProjects}"  id="project" size="3">
  <f:selectItem itemLabel="-- Select Projects -- ...

3. not able to find multi select dropdown, only h:selectManyListbox is present

I am looking for a dropdown something like this enter image description here I am not able to find any component that suits my need.Only following component is present, but ...

4. Error after selecting an option from selectManyListbox

I'am using JSF2.0/primefaces, I have an error that I can not understand it's cause, I have 2 components selectOneMenu and selectManyListbox ,when I choose an option from the first the second is filled ...

5. How can I relate two selectManyListbox

I'am using JSF2.0/primefaces ,I have two selectManyListbox the second selectManyListbox is related to the first selectManyListbox (when ...

6. how to use selectManyListbox

8. selectManyListbox changing to selectOneMenu (double combo)

Hi, I'm trying to do a double combo with this code : Code: ... Moyen de paiement